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We are pleased to announce that CollegeAreaBID.com is now part of the My GRE Exam Preparation community.

Created in 2004, CollegeAreaBID.com aimed to promote education and learning to its community. This now will be taken over by My GRE Exam Preparation’s team.

Among the promotional activities they provide to their online community include reviewing educational programs, sharing relevant news, and creating a place where you can share your beliefs.

Our Mission

Both My GRE Exam Preparation and CollegeAreaBID.com share a central vision to promote innovation and education. My GRE Exam Preparation’s mission is to help students achieve their career goals by getting into excellent degree programs.

Whether you want to pursue a career in engineering, sciences, or law, My GRE Exam Preparation aims to get you accepted into a world-class undergrad or graduate program of your choice.

With CollegeAreaBID.com’s partnership with My GRE Exam Preparation, our online community will flourish not only as a growing business platform but as a national hub for online learning.

My GRE Exam Preparation started as a website offering all kinds of information related to GRE preparation, such as reviewing the best GRE prep books and GRE prep courses. However, this new partnership can offer much more.

My GRE Exam Preparation and CollegeAreaBID.com are joining forces to offer top-quality content that will help people prepare for the following types of exams:

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