Proven Test Day Tips to Ace the GRE

If you are well-prepared to take the GRE exam, we can offer more than 10 proven test day tips to help you ace the exam.

Every student is worried on test day and it’s completely okay. 

Here are some GRE test day tips that will help easy your anxiety and stress. We'll let you know what to bring and what not to bring.

Find the test center and map out how you will get there

A day before your GRE exam, make sure to confirm where the test center located. Don’t have a vague idea about where it is, even if you know the particular area. Many test centers have no signage to identify them.

It’s better if you know the exact address, especially with a room so that on GRE test day you can feel relaxed and worry-free.

After learning where the test center is, plan how will you get there. Fix your pre-booking so that on test day you don’t need to worry about anything.

Double-check your test date and time

Even if you already know your test date and time, it is a good idea to double-check the GRE test date and time. You will find this information in your confirmation email. Be at the test center on time by leaving at least 15 minutes early.

Have proper ID needed for GRE test day

Only if you have all of the proper identification will be able to take the GRE exam. Following are some important things to know about IDs you need for your GRE exam.

  • check
    Original documents, no photocopy allowed.
  • check
     The document should be valid and not expired.
  • check
     Your registration name and full name on the documents should be same.
  • check
    Add your recent or recognizable photo.
  • check
    Add your signature.

Generally, you need a driver’s license, a passport or a national ID. It depends on which country you are applying for the GRE test from.

Don’t study on the test day 

Stop studying the day before/on test day because it will only add to your pressure. If you are well-prepared for the GRE exam, additional study is not needed. If you are not prepared, one more day won't help you much.

Just relax and have fun. Buy some ice cream, watch TV or play games. Be calm and relaxed before test day.

Read the rules 

Read all of the rules for the GRE test and tutorials the day before. Knowing rules before the test reduces your fear of taking the exam.

Pack Up

Pack all of the things that are required for the GRE test. This includes ID proof and registration. You can also add a water bottle or some snacks to the list to give yourself a boost during a break between two sections of the GRE test.

Set more and more alarms

Set your alarm one hour earlier before you want to wake up on GRE test day. Maybe you'll want to set too many alarms so you won't be caught snoozing on test day. 

Stretch your body 

Don’t be exhaust by too much exercise. Do some light physical exercise or yoga early in the morning. You can also go to the gym if you have a membership.

Solve puzzles to keep you active 

Get up early on GRE test day and warm up your brain by playing little puzzles or a crossword puzzle. Then eat your snacks and go on your way.

Eat healthy food

Eat healthy food on test day like salad and fruit juice, so that you don’t feel sleepy during the test. After completing your exam, you can eat whatever you want to eat.

Dress Properly 

Wear comfortable clothes like layered tops or shirts or you can bring jacket with you. This allows you to main a warm body temperature if the test center is cold. It’s better to keep all things with you.

Do Deep Breathing 

Stress is natural when you are sitting at the computer and your test is about to begin. Do some meditations like deep breathing.

Speak Up 

If you need some medical attention or if you need to ask a question, talk to your mentor. Weed out all negative thoughts and enter in the test room with a clear mind.

Don’t Rush

Use the 3 hours and 45 minutes allowed for the test. Don’t rush to complete the test early. Focus on the test. It pays off with good marks.

Use Break

This is very common instruction. Many students don’t take breaks. Take advantage of breaks, visit the bathroom and wash your face with cold water.

What not to bring while to your GRE exam.

There are many things you don’t need to bring to the GRE test. You don’t need to bring pencils and scratch paper because they are provided at the test center. Calculators are also provided in computer-based and paper-based exams.

You are not allowed to wear jewelry like necklaces or other rings, except your engagement or wedding ring.

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Final Conclusion : GRE Test Day Tips

If you know what to bring to your GRE exam, it can help you to feel more confident and prepared.

There are steps that you should follow from the early morning on your test day to the completion of your test. Hopefully, you liked the above tips for preparing for the GRE exam. Read all the GRE test and keep in mind all the important things while you are taking the test.

After knowing what you need to do, you can focus on getting a high score on your test.


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