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Welcome to My GRE Exam Preparation - your online access to trustworthy test information, courses, prep books, study guides, and free practice exams. 

Since February 2015, My GRE Exam Preparation has helped millions of students and professionals prepare and pass their examinations.

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals with a shared passion for helping students prepare for standardized tests like the GRE and GMAT. 

My GRE Exam Preparation is based in La Jolla, California - home to UC San Diego, an engaging learning hub for students who have geared up for higher education through college prep, AP classes, and SATs. 

We’ve had our share of frustrations by the lack of quality review resources for many of these standardized tests. So we made it our lifelong mission to make decision-making easier and better. 

What We Do

We offer in-depth and unbiased reviews and analysis of test prep courses, books, and study guides to help you choose among thousands of study materials. Your focus should be on achieving your learning aspirations, not on something trivial like deciding what book to buy. 

These reviews have helped students across the world find the best GRE prep course or pick the most up-to-date GMAT strategy guide that’s best-suited for them.

Over the last five years, our goal is to form an interactive community to share accurate information. We partner with academic experts to corroborate our reviews. 

In 2020, we acquired GSIB and CollegeAreaBID.com. We intend to keep the same passion for education and research through these partnerships as we expand to be your #1 recourse in choosing the right courses, prep books, and exam study guides.
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Know More About Us

William founded My GRE Exam Prep with a vision to help aspiring learners navigate their exams with flying colors, helping students achieve their dreams. He graduated with a master’s in electrical engineering, received on a full scholarship from the American University of Beirut (AUB). Soon after graduation, he was accepted in a full scholarship Ph.D. program but had to return to Arizona for outside circumstances.
A little over two years after that, he was passively managing his own business with a small team helping him develop IoT solutions for clients.

Throughout his experience with universities, he can recall the number of times he has had to take standardized tests and exams for each of his study pursuits, such as the GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. This inspired him to start the website and begin providing this resource to students across the globe. You can contact William at bsals3@gmail.com

Alexander Fletcher, Technical Support

Alexander loves helping businesses run smoothly by taking out all the unnecessary technical kinks that tend to come with managing an online presence.

He graduated with a bachelor’s in computer science and has over five years of field experience in managing websites. After college, he dabbled in creating machine learning programs, but quickly found his true passion in web development and technical support advice.

When he saw the opportunity to work with My GRE Exam Preparation and help students make a difference in the world, he was ecstatic. He now manages the website and responds to help tickets from students having trouble on the site.

He believes that any time students spend on a resource is valuable, so they should have the best experience possible. By making their time on the site easier to navigate and less frustrating, the better they will do on their test scores.

Maria Lewis, PR Representative

Maria’s passion is in the media and journalism. Having graduated with a degree in communications, she knows how students like herself struggled with the tough exam preparation process. Her desire to help students extends beyond memories of her own test prep experience. Before college, she debated whether she wanted to go into PR or become a teacher.

After sitting in on a few classes, she realized that ultimately, she was better suited to a communications degree, but she still wanted to help the students she saw struggling in the classrooms.

Through My GRE Exam Preparation, she saw an opportunity to do just that. She could help students who were struggling, still going to the school libraries when there was a world of resources at their fingertips. Now, she is the PR representative of the website, helping spread the word about the resources available on the website and helping bring new materials into the spotlight.

Jordan found his calling as a teacher. No stranger to students struggling through exams, he often had students asking him for advice on where they can find supplemental information.

He knew there was a better way to help students find the resources that were best suited to their strengths and weaknesses than to refer them to the small selection that was on the shelf of the local library.

Through extensive research of his own, he began vetting the study guides and courses available on the internet. That’s when he came across My GRE Exam Preparation, and he found something meaningful that he could help develop in his time outside of the classroom. Since he began working with My GRE Exam Preparation, he has been able to provide better insight and advice not only to his own students but to students across the globe.

Aria is a perfectionist who reviews and edits content with unmatched passion. A master's degree in journalism has allowed her to develop her writing and editing skills.

She was also one of the editors of her college newspapers. 

Straight after graduation, she started writing for a local newspaper, covering topics related to education and literature. After two years, she accepted an offer to work for one of the top book publishers in California.

A year later, she became the chief editor. After spending five years as the chief editor, Aria realized that even though her job was good, something was missing. She wanted to do something more meaningful.

That is why she did not hesitate when she got a chance to work with My GRE Exam Preparation. She saw this as an opportunity to use her knowledge to help young people all over the world prepare for their exams and reach their full potential. She is finally satisfied with her job.

Catherine Foley

Catherine Foley,

Financial Manager/ Finance Director

Catherine Foley is the Financial Director of My GRE Exam Preparation.

Her financial background and her love for sustainability have led her to take on this position in an industry that aims to help students and professionals prepare themselves for tough examinations-- making them credible to take on roles responsibly. 

Catherine Foley always wanted to be an accountant; she believes in the power of numbers and their ability to change lives.

She is passionate about reducing waste, promoting sustainability, and working with companies who are committed to these values as well.

Vicky Hill

Vicky Hill

SEO Director / SEO Specialist /

 SEO Advisor

Hill began working as an SEO Specialist to help websites rank higher in search engines like Google or Bing for keywords related to their business.

After a while, she decided to work full time for My GRE Exam Preparation to reach more students around the globe and help them to be successful in their chosen careers.

Vicky Hill is an LGBTQ+ advocate and a self-identified feminist. She has spent the majority of her life fighting for equality in all aspects of society, including in the workplace.

She studied Engineering at Arizona State University with a focus on computer science, and later obtained a Master’s degree from Cal Poly Pomona in Educational Technology Leadership.

John Stevenson, Marketing Specialist

John is a marketing expert. He graduated with a master’s degree in marketing back in 2010. Over the last ten years, he helped dozens of Universities throughout the USA build a strong online presence.

His specialization is creating marketing strategies that focus on improving brand awareness. Basically, John allows his clients to reach their target audience online quickly and effortlessly.

John firmly believes that students should invest their time in having fun and learning instead of browsing the web for hours looking for the best ways to prepare for their exams. This is the reason he was so thrilled when we offered him a position on our team.

He’s very proud of the fact that he is an important part of the My GRE Exam Preparation project. His marketing expertise helps us reach and guide a lot of young and promising people from all around the world prepare for their exams.