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If you want to have a review tool that helps you breakdown GRE questions and create a tactic for handling them, you might have to consider Empower Test Prep. They have a data-driven approach to triaging test questions, and our team has found them to be very efficient in sharing their techniques.

We have created this Empower Test Prep review to shed more insight into what is in store if you enroll.

What Is the Empower Test Prep?

empower test prep

Empower Test Prep is one of the many GRE review courses that aim to improve your chances of getting into the right graduate school.

They have helped over a hundred thousand students pursue their Master's degree with their platform that runs on a unique curriculum.

We have listed the key features of this course below for your convenience:

  • Empower Test Prep offers 6 study plans that you can choose from based on your skill levels.
  • The course has a guarantee for score improvement (set at about 8.3 points average).
  • The syllabus is easy to navigate, giving you the chance to work your way quickly whenever you need to skim through a topic.
  • Empower Test Prep has more than 100 mathematical, analytical, and verbal test questions from official GRE tests.

4 Main Benefits and Highlights

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Getting a good GRE score takes extra work, mainly because being a genius does not guarantee good performance. The GRE is your ticket to entering a prestigious graduate institution, and you have to work hard to nail it.

Empower Test Prep is a tool that you can consider when looking for GRE prep courses to help you study. If you choose to enroll, you can expect to get the following benefits.

1. Designated plan for all skill-levels

The first step in applying to the Empower Test Prep course is an assessment of your GRE level. The study plan that you will follow in your review will depend on your evaluation results, as Empower's training aims to address your specific needs.

2. Built on official tests

The resources that Empower uses for their lessons and practice tests all come from official GRE tests. We have found their questions to be based on the official GRE guides. The implication is that you get to experience what the GRE is already like, allowing you to become a more skilled test-taker.

3. Affordable pricing options available

You have all the power to adjust your payment scheme for the program. Empower has a variety of plans that you can choose from, and they also give discounts regularly. They have a basic monthly plan, a monthly plan with all five official exams, and a 6-months plan with all five official exams and the official GRE guide.

4. A free trial is available

If you are skeptical about the program, you can get a free trial of their courses to see if their style fits your preference. You will not be obliged to give your bank account information, which means that the free trial is a no-commitment offer. You can choose to stop anytime, but the free trial is an hour's worth of access to all of the review's lessons.

One is not born a genius; one becomes a genius.

- Simone de Beauvoir, French writer, thinker & philosopher.

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Do We See Any Shortfalls?

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Just like any other review course, however, Empower also has its shortfalls. To help you make a more informed decision when you are choosing your review course, we have presented them below as well.

No available mobile app

Unlike the other review courses in the market, Empower videos are not available in a mobile application. Despite having online lessons, their team has not yet created mobile software for their tasks.

The mobile app will make the time more accessible, but you can get around the issue by reviewing under using your laptop instead.

Not well-known to most test-takers

While compiling information about this review course, our team has realized that Empower lacks promotion of their products. Unlike its competitors, Empower has not been aggressively marketing their products. Hence, many test-takers do not know of their existence.

If Empower wants to compete with the likes of Magoosh prep course, it has to promote itself more, especially since its offers have received such positive feedback from different clients.

Real Student Results from Taking the Empower GRE Prep Course

We wanted to find out whether students who took the Empower GRE prep course saw a real improvement in their GRE test scores.

Accordingly, we had students take a GRE prep test before and after taking the Empower GRE prep course. We obtained each student’s Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning results from each test and compared them to determine a percentage improvement.

Although students saw their GRE test scores increase after completing the Empower GRE prep course, their percentage improvement in test scores was small. For example, one student achieved only a 7.9% improvement in score, while another saw a 7.4% increase.



Baseline (Before taking the course)
After studying the course
Student 1
Larger Improvement
Student 2
Smaller Improvement

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How Accurate Is The Empower GRE?

Sometimes one point stands between you and a successful GRE score. That is why it is so important that prep tests accurately show the quality of your knowledge.

We wanted to put the accuracy of the Empower prep to the test, so we asked for help from a couple of students who were preparing for the GRE using the Empower course.

They took both the real GRE and the Empower prep and showed us how their scores matched up.

Here are our results:




(Test score
GRE Test
Student 1
Student 2
(Test score
GRE Test

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This shows that the Empower prep isn’t very accurate when it comes to the estimation scores. When we compare it to the other prep tests, we have to say that there are more accurate options.

Is the Empower Test Prep for GRE Worth It?

Our team has discussed the note-worthy benefits of Empower GRE, and although its services are exemplary, data still favors the Magoosh course in terms of performance.

The GRE is a critical examination that you have to take before succeeding in your chosen career. It is the key to getting into a reputable graduate institution, which means you have to do well to get a good score.

Magoosh has a long-standing history of helping students get the score they aim for much longer than Empower. They have an interactive way of conducting reviews and we are quite impressed with the number of GRE practice tests included in the course.


Our #1 Recommendation

Magoosh GRE Prep

  • The dashboard is easy to use with recommendations for study focus points
  • Easy to follow written and video instruction
  • Offers a score predictor to help you assess your progress
  • Good for both comprehensive and last-minute study
  • Structured with clear and flexible lesson plans
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
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