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A high score on the LSAT can effectively start your law career. Not only will it lead to admission in the best law schools but it will also increase your chances of getting a scholarship. The gap between your current score and your target can be closed by choosing the right study guide.

This may be difficult, considering the number of LSAT reviewers available in the market today. We understand your predicament so we decided to do the research for you. Here are the best LSAT prep books to help you get into the legal profession soon.

10 Best LSAT Prep Books

1 - The Powerscore LSAT bible trilogy Review (Editor's Choice)

LSAT Bible Trilogy

The PowerScore LSAT bible trilogy is one of the best LSAT prep books on the market today. PowerScore consists of three separate review books in logic games, logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

Each book is authored by PowerScore founder David Killoron who has over 20 years of teaching experience and also is in the 90th percentile of the LSAT test.

Each book in the PowerScore’s bible series gives an overview of the LSAT exam. It also provides tips in what you can expect in the exam. Also included is a step-by-step explanation of the question types with strategies to crack the exam. Real LSAT questions are used throughout the book.


  • PowerScore’s books cover every topic in depth.
  • If you are looking to get a high score in the exam than this study guide is one of the best LSAT prep books.
  • Concepts are easy to understand and are comprehensive and in depth.
  • Concepts are concise and you won't waste time in unnecessary concepts.
  • The three books can be purchased together or separately.
  • There are some grammatical errors, but the good thing is that these errors are pointed out on PowerScore’s website.
  • The study guide is easy to understand.
  • Answer explanations are comprehensive and in depth.
  • Practice questions are similar to exam questions.
  • The books can be purchased together or separately.
  • There are a few errors, but these are mentioned on PowerScore’s website.

If you have a lot of time for preparation and are looking for in-depth explanations, then the PowerScore trilogy is the best option for you. With many strengths and very few flaws, PowerScore is one of the Best LSAT prep books out there.

2 - LSAT Strategy Guide Set (Manhattan Prep LSAT Strategy Guides)

LSAT Strategy Guide Set

The Manhattan Prep LSAT strategy guides are among the best LSAT prep books for self-study. It includes the Manhattan LSAT logical reasoning strategy guide, the Manhattan LSAT logical games strategy guide and the Manhattan LSAT logical reading comprehensive strategy guide.

Each of the guides includes practice questions for real LSAT tests. The guides help you increase your test taking speed, a vital skill. If you purchase all 3 of the sets, you'll receive a self-study syllabus and full access to Manhattan LSAT’s proprietary analysis tool (LSAT tracker) that will record your progress and pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.


  • The Manhattan prep strategy guides include logic games, logic reasoning and reading comprehension.
  • Navigator Manhattan prep is a tool that allows you to track your progress and point out your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The 3 study guides can be purchased together or separately.
  • The review books are well-organized and have good flow. They're easy to study for the exam.
  • If you are looking for a lot of help in logic games, you need to purchase another prep guide.
  • The books are well-organized and have good flow.
  • You can progress from easy to more difficult questions.
  • Books can be purchased together or separately.
  • Explanations are thorough and in depth.
  • Logic games books is a step below some other vendors.

The Manhattan Prep LSAT strategy guides are second-best in our list of best LSAT prep books for self-study.

3 - The LSAT Trainer: A Remarkable Self-Study Guide For The Self-Driven Student

LSAT Trainer

The LSAT Trainer is one of the best-value study guides for a high percentile score. This study guide is comprehensive and in-depth. You will learn what is needed and you won’t waste time learning unnecessary things.


  • The book provides 200 practice questions with real solutions.
  • The book provides over 30 original and unique drills designed to help develop exam specific skills and habits.
  • The book provides access to a variety of free study, schedules, notebooks, organizers and much more.
  • Some of the explanations are a bit lacking.
  • There are a few editing errors too.
  • The study guide is very concise.
  • The study guide simplifies the test unlike any other book.
  • The book teaches you what you need to know.
  • Lacks illustrations as part of the explanations.
  • A few editing errors.

If you're looking for a single guide book for the exam, the LSAT trainer is one of the most popular LSAT prep books.

4 - Kaplan LSAT Unlocked: Proven Strategies For Every Question Type + Online

LSAT Unlocked 2018-2019

The Kaplan LSAT Unlocked is the second-best single book study guide. This LSAT prep book provides a complete overview of the exam. The study guide also explains common mistakes candidates make.

Large portions of the book are dedicated to logic games, complete with diagrams and sketches to teach you how to approach almost every logic game question you will face.

The base of this LSAT prep book is solid and will help you in the analytical and logical reasoning sections.

The study guide also guides you in reading comprehension. The book contains one full-length practice test.


  • This study guide is very good in theory and strategies, but has few examples.
  • The book provides one full-length practice test.
  • The book will help you learn everything that you need to know to improve your score.
  • The online resources provided are helpful.
  • The book provides additional online instructor-led workshops and tests analytics.
  • This is the longest study guide book.
  • Sometimes it's difficult to grasp every concept only from this book.
  • Online resources are helpful.
  • One full-length practice test.
  • Great overview chapter of the LSAT.
  • The book is helpful in reading comprehension.
  • Lacks extensive practice questions and exams.
  • The book is not properly organized, making you go back and forth through sections to study a specific concept.

Kaplan’s LSAT Unlocked is one of the best LSAT prep books with strong methods to approach all sections on the LSAT. The book only contains one full length practice test.

5 - The Official LSAT SuperPrep II: The Champion of LSAT Prep

The Official LSAT SuperPrep II

The official LSAT Superprep II is the official guide made by the test-makers. Overall, this study guide is one of the best budget picks from the LSAT prep books list.

It has some unique tips on reading comprehension that are not seen in other LSAT prep books. These secret tips willy help you score higher on the exam.

The problem with this LSAT prep book is that it doesn't go in depth, but it provides lots of practice exams and example questions to help with your studies.


  • The book provides 3 complete prep tests.
  • The guide provides hard logical game questions.
  • Each item is explained in all the 3 tests.
  • The book a budget pick because of its low price.
  • The book is prepared by the writers of the LSAT test.
  • The book provides unique tips on reading comprehension.
  • The book provides 3 complete prep tests.
  • Each explanation is provided for every item in all 3 tests.
  • The LSAT prep book is a budget pick.
  • The study guide doesn't go in depth, so it's good for beginners
  • The explanations provided are not very clear.

If you are looking to study on a low budget, then the Official LSAT Superprep ll is a great choice from the list of best LSAT prep books.

6 - Cracking the LSAT Premium with 3 Real Practice Tests

Cracking the LSAT Premium

This is the latest edition of The Princeton Review's Cracking the LSAT prep books.

This updated version is a great resource with thorough analysis of the LSAT topics including arguments, logic games, reading comprehension and writing

This LSAT prep book is good trade-off between theory and practice.

The 100 additional real LSAT questions and the 3 full-length online tests are a definite plus. Overall, a good guide for preparing for the LSAT.


  • The guide provides 3 complete online prep tests.
  • Additional practice questions also available
  • Breakdown of common LSAT mistakes is useful.
  • Law school profiles, admission guides and essay tips included
  • 3 online practice tests.
  • 100 additional LSAT questions.
  • Personalized Score Reports online.
  • In-depth analysis for each exam question.
  • Detailed strategies, tactics and guides.
  • If you want access to the online portal, don't purchase the 2015 version.

This is a good LSAT prep book. It offers a rounded approach to studying for the LSAT.

7 - LSAT Practice Exam Prep Book: 3 LSAT Practice Tests

LSAT 3 Practice Tests

This is one of the shortest LSAT prep books. It goes into details while explaining the practice test questions.

It is recommended only as a companion book to other LSAT prep books. Its a great tool for a quick overview if you don't have time to prepare for the test.

The main problem with this LSAT prep book is that there are quite a few print and spelling mistakes. Some practice questions don't represent actual real LSAT test questions.


  • The book provides 3 complete prep tests.
  • There are helpful tips and strategies mentioned in the book.
  • Good companion book.
  • It's geared toward beginners.
  • Provides 3 complete tests.
  • Detailed clear explanations.
  • Quick overview of LSAT topics.
  • Many helpful tips and strategies included.
  • Many print and spelling mistakes.
  • Isn't for advanced test takers.
  • Some practice questions don't represent real test questions.

The LSAT Practice Exam Prep Book: 3 LSAT Practice Tests is a good companion book to other LSAT prep books.

8 - LSAT Prep Book: Study Guide & Practice Test Questions

LSAT Prep Books 2019-2020: LSAT Study Guide & 2 Full-Length Practice Tests for the LSAC Law School Admission Test

The LSAT Prep Book is a best seller and one of the most popular study guides on the market. It's easy to understand and follow along. The book is light and portable.

The explanations to the LSAT questions are short, but still manage to provide all the necessary details.

This LSAT prep book doesn't go in depth but is a great first step for any test-taker who is just warming up. No full-length practice tests. For advanced test takers, you need to look elsewhere.


  • Most-popular LSAT exam prep book on the market.
  • The guide is easy to understand and follow.
  • Good first step for any LSAT test-taker.
  • It's for beginners and explanations are short and clear.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Comprehensive but not overwhelming.
  • Explanations are short and clear.
  • Very helpful first LSAT prep book
  • Some print mistakes.
  • Short and doesn't go in-depth.

A great first step for test-takers warming up to study for the LSAT.

9 - The Fox LSAT Logic Games Playbook

The Fox LSAT Logic Games Playbook

The Fox LSAT Logic Games Playbook is one of the specialized topic prep books for the LSAT exam. It's a popular book by Nathan Fox, who scored 179 in 2008. This book is great practice if you're looking to increase your knowledge about logic games.

Beware though, this book takes the traditional route and doesn't delve in to the newer logic game questions appearing in the LSAT.


  • Great gook to practice logic games.
  • Has detailed explanations.
  • Doesn't cover non-traditional games.
  • Questions are not difficult.
  • Great guide for more practice in logic games.
  • Simple detailed explanations.
  • You can also listen to the podcast for up-to-date tips and strategies.
  • A good starter in logic games.
  • The study guide doesn't go in depth.
  • Doesn't cover newer questionsappearing in the LSAT test.

This book is great if you want to practice logic games and definitely deserves to be on the list of best LSAT prep books.

10 - Nova's Master the LSAT

Master the LSAT

Nova prepares many of the most popular test prep books on the market.

It is comprehensive and rigorous.

Nova's Master the LSAT covers all of the the main topics including analytical reasoning, logical reasoning and reading comprehension.

It also includes mentor exercises and two full-length practice tests.

The problem with this LSAT prep book is that sections are not intuitively structured.

But overall, this is a solid book and can be a great addition to PowerScore's LSAT bible trilogy.


  • The book provides 2 complete prep tests.
  • Great very accurate explanations.
  • Reasonable beginning to study for the LSAT.
  • Very thorough guide to logic games and logical reasoning.
  • 2 complete prep tests.
  • Accurate explanations to practice test questions.
  • Thorough guide to logic games and logical reasoning.
  • Brief reading comprehension section.
  • A starter book for the LSAT test taker.

Nova produces popular test prep books and this study guide is one of the Best LSAT prep books.

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Final Words About Best LSAT Prep Books:

“Believe you can and you are half way there.”

Choosing the right guide will help you crack the LSAT exam as well as believe in yourself to ace it with flying colors.

I hope the above information will help you choose the most helpful study guide for your needs. In case you're still lost, I recommend the PowerScore bible trilogy if you can afford it and have enough time for preparation.

If you're on a low budget, the official LSAT super prep ll is the best pick from the prep books. Hope you score high and crack that exam easily!!  Best wishes!!

LSAT Bible Trilogy

Our #1 Recommendation

The Powerscore LSAT bible trilogy Review

  • The study guide is easy to understand.
  • Answer explanations are comprehensive and in depth.
  • Practice questions are similar to exam questions.
  • The books can be purchased together or separately.
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