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Studying for the GRE to get an adequate score is not easy, but review tools make it less complicated. The Princeton GRE Prep course is tagged as among the best GRE prep options today. In this in-depth Princeton GRE prep review, we’ll find out if it could be a helpful tool to use in acing the GRE.

What is the Princeton GRE Prep Course?

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The Princeton GRE Prep course is an extremely versatile GRE review option that offers test-takers like you the freedom to outline and pace your review within your comfort zone without compromising quality.

You can also choose which of the program’s inclusions you will purchase according to your set budget.

From our extensive research of the many GRE test preparation kits that you can find available in the market, this product sits at many test-takers’ top recommendations.

It provides an entirely online test preparation experience that you can customize by choosing the level you want to start.

The Princeton GRE Prep enjoys the reputation of being one of the best, and we do agree that it is for a good reason. [1]

Quick Overview of the Material

There are two main types of the Princeton GRE prep that you can choose from depending on your set preference:

GRE Self-Paced Course

You can choose to buy only one or two modules (getting two guarantees a discount on the second module) of the full Princeton review and still get the quality you expect. It is the perfect option for those on a tight budget or schedule for the preparation duration. [1]

GRE "Ultimate" Live-Online Score

If you can afford to spend more on your GRE review, you can get the more expensive but more comprehensive Princeton package. You can have access to all the modules covered by the GRE and 24 hours live online resources. You are assigned to classes to interact with the lecturers and other fellow reviewers on the platform. [2]

What are the Benefits Of Princeton GRE Prep?

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The Princeton GRE Prep is one of the most trusted GRE review packages, as evidenced by its high rating and an extensive list of testimonials given by previous test-takers. Although it is not the cheapest option, your money is worth it in the end as the product does deliver its promised benefits.

We give you four main highlights that we have gathered from our comprehensive research on Princeton GRE prep.

  • Worth your money

The Princeton GRE Prep gives you your money's worth with its numerous GRE practice tests and questions, full-length tests, and tons of video content. It does not just stop making available various review materials on their site; instead, you can also track your progress with their intelligent software technology.

  • Determines strengths and weaknesses

Adaptive drills and timed practice help you assess which areas you need to focus on more to increase your chances of getting a high score. From your results, you can adjust your study schedule to focus on improving your weaknesses while still maintaining a certain level of skill with your strengths.

  • Live content instruction

It provides you with lots of live content instruction that is more than what you can get from any other similar type of reviews. The resources are available 24/7, so if you need to clarify anything, the site is there.

  • Strong refund policy

Strong guarantee of getting your money back as you can either retake the lessons if you feel unprepared for the test or if your score does not improve, you are entitled to repayment. The Princeton Review center is confident that their review course can deliver what it claims for its customers, hence the fantastic refund policy.

Some Drawbacks To Consider

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Like any other product out in the market, Princeton GRE Prep also has its drawbacks. We do not want you to be unaware of these, so we give you the freedom to correctly think about your choice.

1. The exam questions can be too easy compared to the real GRE. Hence you must use techniques the review has taught rather than memorizing the answers during the examination.

2. Some instructors can be too young and inexperienced, although they are all in at least the GRE’s 95th percentile making them highly qualified to teach, which may cause you discomfort.

How Accurate Is The Princeton GRE Prep?

To test just how accurate the Princeton test is, we took both the real GRE and the prep test to see how the scores held up.

Here are our results:

  • Princeton Prep: 165 Quant, 150 Verbal
  • GRE: 168 Quant, 158 Verbal

As you can see, the Princeton prep estimated our scores to be a little under our actual GRE results, therefore it is quite inaccurate, especially for the Verbal section.

Princeton GRE Prep Course Reviews & Feedback

We have found impressive reviews about the Princeton GRE Prep, not just online but from the students and previous test-takers, as well. The course is responsible for dramatically improving test-takers’ scores, and it gives them a boost of confidence in tackling the exam. The Princeton Review Prep has proven a practical helper in overcoming the test with flying colors.


Is the Princeton GRE reviewer a good help for acing the GRE?

Yes. The Princeton GRE reviewer is a reliable tool for acing the GRE. It is a comprehensive online class that helps you achieve your target GRE score in no time.

Which GRE reviewer is better: Princeton or Kaplan?

It depends. This question entails a relative answer as it depends on the circumstances. Each review has its unique brand, strengths, and weaknesses, and preference dictates the better choice.

Which GRE reviewer is better: Princeton or Magoosh?

Both Princeton and Magoosh have their unique strength. The question of which one of the two is better has a relative answer.

Is the Princeton reviewer for free?

No. The Princeton reviewer is not for free, but the cost is worth it. It is a comprehensive class from a reputable institution, so you pay for so much service than what you should expect.

Should I Take the Princeton GRE Prep Course?

Based on reviews and students’ feedback, the Princeton GRE Prep course may help you address GRE review issues with their comprehensive and self-paced review package.

The GRE can be a genuinely challenging hurdle you have to pass to get into that prestigious graduate school you are eyeing. You have to get high scores without spending too much and putting even more burden on yourself while preparing.


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