6 Best GRE Practice Tests (2024's Top List) Detailed Reviews

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Are you struggling to find comprehensive GRE study material? As most of you already know, it is highly recommended that you take multiple GRE tests before exam day. But where do you find the best ones? Or, better yet, the best affordable ones?

In this guide, we will help you find the top-rated GRE tests that will you the most value for your money. We will also include a couple of a bit pricey versions if you want the extra features.

Keep reading to find out which mock exams we think are the top picks in this roundup of the best GRE practice tests.

6 Top-Rated GRE Practice Tests in 2022:

1 - PowerPrep II (Editor's Choice)

GRE PowerPrep practive tests

After reading countless positive reviews, we decided to check out the PowerPrep II tests. All you have to do is download the software, and you can access these affordable tests.

They are official GRE tests created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which is the same organization that makes the actual GRE test. We liked these ETS tests because they are as close to the real thing as you can get. [1]

With the PowerPrep package, you get access to two free full-length exams. These official practice tests were designed to have the same timing, content, format, and difficulty level as the real GRE that you’ll take on test day.

Student Score Improvement Average Largest Improvement Smallest Improvement Book Accuracy Result
1 - PowerPrep II (Editor's Choice) 10 29 9 98%
  • Online practice test designed by ETS
  • Verbal reasoning and quantitative sections
  • The computer-delivered exam is the same format as the actual GRE
  • Real GRE practice questions
  • No analytical writing practice

2 - Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Test

manhattan prep

While Manhattan Prep GRE is known for being a little on the expensive side when it comes to GRE prep materials, they do offer good practice tests that are worth it. You'll also find one free GRE official practice test if you create an account on their website.

GRE test takers seemed to like these mock tests because it came with in-depth answer explanations, which can help you understand why you got questions wrong.

It is crucial to review all of your mistakes, so we thought the inclusion of explanations was beneficial. The online GRE prep test is also similar to the real GRE since you take it on the computer under timed conditions.

Student Score Improvement Average Largest Improvement Smallest Improvement Book Accuracy Result
2 - Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Test 10 27 10 98%
  • Correct answer explanations
  • One free test once you create an account
  • One of the more reputable test prep companies
  • Multiple-choice test questions
  • Not an official GRE test
  • Score analysis

3 - Kaplan GRE Practice Tests

Kaplan GRE

Another company that offers GRE practice tests is Kaplan. They are a big name in the GRE prep industry, and they offer a few different free options for students who create an account.

They offer one full-length practice GRE test, a quick 12-questions teaser, and GRE questions of the day. We liked how they offered students 3 different options depending on how much time they have to complete practice questions.

The full-length practice test is the best choice for students who are interested in getting the full experience. They offer explanations for every question, but they are not as robust as Manhattan Prep’s explanations. The interface was easy to use.

Student Score Improvement Average Largest Improvement Smallest Improvement Book Accuracy Result
3 - Kaplan GRE Practice Tests 9 30 5 98%
  • GRE practice question of the day
  • 12-question quick test
  • Easy to use interface
  • One full-length GRE diagnostic test
  • Not section adaptive
  • Answer explanations are not in-depth

4 - Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Exam

princeton review books

Princeton Review is another pioneer when it comes to quality GRE study materials. The GRE Power Prep includes full-length practice tests that will gauge your progress as you prepare for the exam.

You'll also find free GRE practice tests when you create a free account. You will get one free test, but you can only access it for 14 days. We liked that Princeton Review made this GRE test to be very similar to the actual GRE.

The timing and format are almost identical, but there are no answer explanations. You can’t review your mistakes, which can be critical for some student’s study plan.

We recommend this exam for students who are just trying to gauge their baseline a few days before they sit for the GRE.

Student Score Improvement Average Largest Improvement Smallest Improvement Book Accuracy Result
4 - Princeton Review GRE Test Prep Exam 8 23 7 97%
  • Similar to the actual test
  • Timed conditions
  • Basic score report after exam
  • Ideal for a pre-test day mock run
  • No answer explanations
  • 14-day access for free tests only

5 - McGraw Hill GRE Practice Tests

mcgraw practice test

This set of GRE practice tests offered by McGraw-Hill is worth noting for students who want extra practice.

They offer one free practice exam and additional section-specific practice as well. You get practice questions for verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning.

They also include video explanations for all sections, including analytical writing.

You can take the McGraw-Hill practice exam without creating an account, which is a bonus. The format is different from the real GRE exam, so keep that in mind while working your way through these practice sets.

We recommend using these GREs for practicing each section individually.

Student Score Improvement Average Largest Improvement Smallest Improvement Book Accuracy Result
5 - McGraw Hill GRE Practice Tests 11 25 5 96%
  • Don’t need to create an account
  • Section-specific option available
  • Video explanations
  • Best for practicing throughout your GRE study schedule
  • The format doesn’t match the real GRE
  • Much shorter than other practice tests

6 - Barron's GRE Practice Tests

Barron's GRE practice tests

When it comes to GRE practice tests, Barron's offers students a chance to take an online practice test with multiple choice questions and a graded analytical writing section.

We were impressed they offered a graded AWA portion since most practice tests leave out that section.

We found the test had a great score report and analysis after you completed the exam. It was not exactly like the GRE, but it had enough similarities to help students get a feel for the real thing.

We recommend this practice exam for students who want to study every section of the GRE.

  • Includes AWA grading
  • Score report and analysis after completion
  • Best GRE prep for the analytical writing section
  • Different from the GRE
  • Questions are slightly more difficult than the actual test

What Is A GRE Practice Diagnostic Test?

woman reading a book

An official practice test is one of the best ways to gauge your performance before test day.

They are generally set up to mimic an actual GRE test, so you know your weak areas before entering the exam room.

A GRE practice test usually has the same amount of questions as a real test.

They are also taken under timed conditions, so you can get used to how the real GRE will feel.

Benefits of Free GRE Practice Tests

One advantage of GRE trial tests is that they can help you understand problem-solving strategies and employ them on the actual GRE general test. The GRE is unlike any standardized test that you have taken before. It is essential to understand how you are being tested as well as on what material.

Another benefit of free GRE prep tests is they can help you identify what areas you need the most work. For example, you might do well on the verbal reasoning section but completely tank on the quantitative reasoning section. In that case, it would be wise for you to spend more time studying quantitative reasoning than in any other section. To learn more about each section check out our post about how many sections are on the GRE.

GRE trial tests can also help you get a feel for how to navigate the computer-based test. You can skip questions and use a calculator, but if you don’t know how to do that before test day, you will waste precious time hunting those resources down.

If you are looking for a different way to prepare for GRE you should check these best GRE prep courses and these GRE prep books.

What Makes A Good GRE Practice Exam?

studying materials on a table

1. High-Quality GRE Practice Questions

A practice exam can never be complete without high-quality questions. The free GRE diagnostic exams that you take should come with actual GRE questions to understand what to expect on the day you take the test. [2]

Most diagnostic exams have questions like the real tests, but we recommend taking a test that draws from a bank of previous GRE test questions. The best option for this is the PowerPrep test. It uses previous exam questions for their tests to help prepare students.

Even if you don’t take a practice test that is officially from ETS, we recommend finding some high-quality questions that are as close to the real GRE as possible. All of the practice tests above have top-notch questions.

2. Format

You’ll often find in many free practice tests that they are not full practice exams but rather short quizzes. Sometimes a short quiz can be useful to add to a study plan, but we recommend taking at least a few practice tests before you sit for the real exam. The GRE is a 3.5-hour, fast-paced, and timed test. You should know exactly what to expect when you enter the exam room.

It will test you on your verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills.

The GRE is also section-adaptive, which means your score on the first sections will determine the remaining sections' difficulty. By taking practice GRE exams, you will be prepared with appropriate testing techniques.

Recommended Article: 2-Month GRE Study Schedule3. 

3. Answer Explanations

A great free GRE practice test will have thorough answer explanations. Some of the free versions we reviewed above include video explanations, which can greatly improve your GRE score. You will gain an understanding of the questions you got wrong, so you can adapt your study techniques to improve on your weak areas.

4. Easy to Use

The actual GRE test is simple and easy to use. It looks like it belongs on a Windows XP computer, but the simplicity helps keep test-takers focused, and it uses fewer computer resources. The practice tests you take should be easy to navigate and resemble the structure of the actual exam.

The navigational panel should be simple and include a calculator and simple arrow buttons to indicate direction. The less distracting, the better. It will also help you get a grasp on the system before your testing day.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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How Should You Use Paid & Free GRE Practice Tests To Help You Prepare?

girl student standing and reading

1. Review Your Mistakes

We highly recommend reviewing every mistake you make on your practice questions. You should go through every wrong answer for the multiple-choice practice questions by reviewing the explanations and gaining a deeper understanding of the material.

If you guessed on a question but still managed to get it right, then you should review the material to make sure you have a thorough understanding of every concept that will be tested.

2. Take the Test at Different Intervals

We recommend taking free GRE practice tests at multiple different intervals within your study schedule. The first practice test you take will count as your diagnostic test, and it will give you a baseline GRE score to know what areas you should focus on.

You should also take a practice test at least once a week. It will help you monitor your progress, work on your strengths and weaknesses, and understand time management.

3. Time Yourself

Always remember that the GRE is timed. We recommend taking all of your free GRE practice tests under timed conditions. The GRE tracks more than your ability to remember information. It tests your ability to work under pressure and manage your time wisely.

The best way to beat the GRE with advanced test-taking strategies is to practice under timed conditions.

GRE Practice Tests: Wrapping Up

After our careful research and expert opinion, we think the best GRE practice test set is the PowerPrep II package. We liked this option because it comes with 2 free practice tests that were designed by ETS. Since they are the people who create the actual exam, we think their tests offer the most value when it comes to pre-test studying.

You should take one before you begin your GRE study schedule so that you can get a feel for where you stand. This will increase your chances of getting a better score in areas that need improvement.

However, we strongly recommend a GRE course for a more comprehensive approach. Magoosh offers both written and video instruction for an in-depth preparation. You can also use the structured lesson plans for last-minute studying.


Our #1 Recommendation

Magoosh GRE

  • The dashboard is easy to use with recommendations for study focus points
  • Easy to follow written and video instruction
  • Offers a score predictor to help you assess your progress
  • Good for both comprehensive and last-minute study
  • Structured with clear and flexible lesson plans
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
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