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Examinations like the GRE require extensive preparation for a test taker to get a good enough score that prestigious graduate universities need. However, if you are on a tight budget, it might be hard to consider shelling extra cash on prep classes. There is a way to review without you paying, which could still equip you with the necessary skills to ace the examination.

Top 5 GRE Costless Tests

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The following are the top 5 free practice questions for improving your problem solving, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing before the actual test. It can help you study for the question types that might come out, improving your chances of getting a good score.

1. Educational Testing Service (ETS) Powerprep Tests

ETS PowerPrep tests provide not just the GRE content but it’ll show you the examination basics. Tagged as a practice test from the test-makers themselves, you’ll learn about question flagging, manipulating the calculator, and other exam essentials.

You should check our review of ETS PowerPrep to learn more.

  • Created by test makers themselves
  • Gives insight on GRE content
  • Explains some exam basics
  • Computer-delivered test
  • Helps you understand exam scoring
  • Exclusive to ETS Account Users
  • Requires specific software during use

2. Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

Magoosh’s flashcards cover more than a thousand vocabulary words that are more likely to appear in the GRE. To use the app, you have the options to either download it or use the desktop version.

  • Cover extensive GRE vocabulary
  • Includes over 1000 words
  • Available for mobile and desktop
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Words for every specific level
  • Focused only on verbal aptitude

3. Manhattan GRE Practice Test

For a highly competitive yet costless GRE resource, you can check out Manhattan’s free prep. Each question comes with an explanation, so there’s no guesswork here. For Manhattan's preparatory course, go to this page.

  • A reputable GRE information source
  • Verbal reasoning and quantitative covered
  • Complete with explanations
  • Full-length exam
  • Realistic calibration with screen calculator
  • Cons

4. Khan Academy

There’s no specific section for GRE preparation here, but you’ll still find helpful materials to help you with several academic concepts, especially math. They’re pretty dedicated to visual learning, so you’ll see a lot of video explanations.

  • Easy to understand
  • Complete with explanations
  • Most helpful for mathematical concepts
  • Subject matter taught by reputable instructors
  • Concepts explained perfectly
  • Requires specific software
  • Too broad range

5. Educational Testing Service Essay Topic Pools, Argument, and Issue

The ETS claims that most of the GRE essay prompt questions are covered in their broad topics. You can use the tools to practice your writing.  After all, it’s free. They also have ETS GRE Prep Book to add to your study plans.

  • Helps improve essay writing technique
  • Widens knowledge of possible topics
  • Sharpens issue analysis ability
  • Wide-range of topics
  • Develops professional writing ability
  • Focussed on one GRE section
  • May not cover current topics

Super successful people aren’t the most gifted people in their fields. They just work, study, and practice more than the competition.

- Jack Canfield, American author

How to Choose Free GRE Practice Tests

These GRE practice questions are free practice tests that should still be of a high caliber. Make sure that your free online practice of choice contains the following:

  1. The free GRE practice tests should be of high quality to help you prepare properly. Your test prep questions need the same level as the one during the test day, so you are not sidetracked but rather develop the necessary skills to ace the test.
  2. The GRE test has three main divisions: the quantitative reasoning section, the verbal reasoning section, and the analytical writing section. Your GRE practice questions should replicate the actual GRE test to allow you to adjust to the real test-taking itself.
  3. A full-length GRE preparation should not take too much of your time trying to figure out problems. Instead, start answering questions that will improve your score and techniques.

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Will free GRE practice questions help in time management?

Yes. Answering practice questions will save you time when figuring out which section of the GRE you need the most improvement.

Will the GRE prep questions aid me in memorization?

Yes. Practice questions will hone your ability to memorize the necessary information and improve critical thinking abilities, probably improving your score during the test day. [2]

Will the resources always be free?

Yes. As implied by its name, the practice GRE tests are free, so you do not have to worry about shelling extra money for the online test questions.


The efforts you exert for a specific educational goal will never betray you, which also applies to the GRE general test. Don’t get all fussy with every question during the test day. Take the time to scroll through GRE test questions beforehand, and answer materials to hone your skills in answering and memorizing information.

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