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Magoosh GMAT Review: Things You Need To Know

When it comes to interactive education, online learning is the most advanced way to go. After all, it's accessible and convenient. While GMAT may be one of the most challenging exams for MBA students, Magoosh found a way to make reviewing more streamlined and intuitive. The system's interface is also easy to navigate. This is a beneficial way of learning without going to a physical coaching class which can very well be time-consuming.

Since some people are still adamant about online learning, my team and I decided to make this in-depth Magoosh GMAT review to clear things out.

Magoosh GMAT Review: 3 Study Plans

Magoosh offers several GMAT study plans that you can customize based on your needs and preferences. These study schedules provide strategies on how to prepare for the GMAT, including what to study and how to to manage your schedule.

  1. Magoosh GMAT premium (math + IR + verbal + AWA):
  2. Magoosh GMAT math + integrated reasoning
  3. Magoosh GMAT prep verbal + AWA

1. Magoosh GMAT Premium Review

Magoosh GMAT Premium Review contains full GMAT package so it may be one of the best plans to get as you prepare for the GMAT. This package offers 250+ videos lessons for quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning and analytical reasoning. The Magoosh review plan covers over 800 practice questions with answer explanations.

You will be able to access your Magoosh GMAT Premium account for 1 year. Based on our research and interview with previous test-taker, a year of planning and studying is enough to score high on the GMAT exam.

Of course, you'd need to combine that with dedication and discipline.  It also includes a score predictor to help you keep track and compare your score before and after using the study plan.

2. Magoosh GMAT Math + Integrated Reasoning

Whether you're just a beginner or you just want to focus more on mathematics, the Magoosh GMAT Math + Integrated Reasoning will help you as you go over data sufficiency sample questions.

Overall, this GMAT plan covers all topics, but it focuses heavily on math problems to strengthen your weakness, especially if you believe you're not a math wizard.

The Magoosh GMAT Math plan provides you 1 year of access with over 175 video lessons and over 720 practice questions. Based on our research, Magoosh claims to offer an additional 3 points on your mathematics score after completing this review plan.

We like how the plan is easy to integrate with any study schedule. If you have queries, you may also ask through email assistance.

3. Magoosh GMAT Prep Verbal + AWA Review

The Magoosh GMAT prep verbal + AWA review aims to help you build a strong foundation on vocabulary, reading comprehension, and critical reasoning. If your goal is to get a good GMAT score, you'll need to get a good grasp of both the mathematics and verbal sections of the test.

Say, you're already an expert when it comes to mathematics, but you need help with reading comprehension and proper grammar. Based on our research, this study material will help you plan out a well-organized study schedule that focuses more on the verbal section of the test.

The Magoosh verbal review provides 1 year of access with over 75 video lessons that you can interactively adopt. Like every Magoosh GMAT plan, you're also provided with email assistance.

7 Advantages of Using Magoosh GMAT Online Prep

1. Outstanding Study Material

Based on our research, video lectures provided by Magoosh GMAT are beyond expectation. Most of the videos are created by Brent Hanneson. Brent Hanneson was a content provider in Magoosh and program advisor in UBC consulting studies. He also founded two companies: Green light test prep and GMAT prep now. Magoosh GMAT has a well-designed course which makes it easy to guide among video lessons, practice questions and other course content.

Students who buy the premium course will be able to access to more than 800 practice questions. Each question has its own difficulty level and the questions are similar to actual GMAT exam. This makes it easy to achieve your target score. You can challenge yourself and achieve the best possible score. All questions come with a video explanation.

Basically Magoosh provides two kinds of videos:

  • Lesson video which are usually larger but explains all the strategy and explains the topics.
  • Video explanations of practice questions which were asked during the practice question.

These videos are usually short but explanation of practice question is excellent. Maths questions which are explained by Bret are also excellent. These maths questions are taken from official guide. At the end of the every lesson they will suggest you some lectures which will help you to work on weak areas.

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2. 100% Online Learning

This course is for visual learners because it is 100% online learning there are no DVDs, no books etc…. you just need a smartphone, computer or tablet. Magoosh account is an account which, can be accessed from everywhere and from every device in which you are comfortable. They provide a score predictor so that you can see your progress report.

In addition to the video lesson app you can use the math flash cards and idiom flash card apps to study whenever you have a few minutes to spare. You can schedule video lectures when you are comfortable. You can also clear your doubts by emailing them. They will reply in one or two day.

This course is ideally for those who prefer to study on their own time and their own pace. Busy professionals who don’t have time to go to coaching institute this course is beneficial to them.

3.  Study Schedule

One of the best features of Magoosh is that it provides series of study plan that range from 1 month to 3 months to finally 6 months depending on how much time you have left for the exam. This is one of the best things because all of us are different, all of us have different ways of pacing ourselves. This study plans also includes instruction to practice material and free resources such as flash cards etc….

4.  Flexible Plans

Some students are only weak in maths or some are weak in verbal and analytical writing assessment while others wants to study both. Therefore Magoosh provides plans for every student. But if you want to score high in your GMAT exam I will recommended you to go with premium Magoosh plans.

5. Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

Magoosh provides a free trial where you can access practice questions and 20 lessons for 7 days so that you can get idea of the course is designed and also a trailer of its quality. The best thing about this premium program is if you are opting for GMAT second time then they are giving guarantee that you will have +50 score then your previous exam and if you are opting for maths + IR or verbal  + AWA they give +3 score guarantee . And if you don’t get increase in your score then you can check the website for details to meet all the requirements.

If you want free trial before you buy you can pay for the course with an option of cancelling and receiving refund with 7 days for any reason. I don’t think more than 1% of the aspirants would have ever opted for this but still in case, you do have this option too.

For GRE takers, try the Magoosh GRE Course or check our recommended GRE prep courses.

6. GMAT Blogs

This is something which anyone can access irrespective of whether you have signed up with Magoosh are not but sticking to one particular course material will help. Therefore whatever you learn in the videos and practice questions can be complemented with brilliant GMAT blogs which Magoosh offers on their website which covers nuances of each and every test.

7.  Great Customer Service

Customer service of Magoosh is beyond expectation. They provide email assistance. For all the emails their response time is almost none. For any kind of issue if you email them they will try really hard to solve your problem in minimum time

Disadvantages of Magoosh GMAT Online Prep

1. No Tutoring or Live Options

Magoosh have recorded video lectures that you can watch when you want to but they don’t provide any option for tutoring on live options. They provide video lectures for each and every question so understanding the problem isn’t that hard but other competition provides live lectures.

2. No Awa Evaluation

This is the one of the biggest disadvantage of Magoosh GMAT online prep. They will help you on how to write your AWA essay but doesn’t evaluate your essay it is very important for our essays to be judged by someone because ideally its very tough to judge it on our own you can’t submit your essays to Magoosh team for evaluation.

3. Fewer Free Gmat Practice Test

Only premium Magoosh GMAT plan provides GMAT practice test and that is “at least 2 practice tests”. While other competitors provide 4 to 6 GMAT practice tests.

Magoosh GMAT prep course is perfect for visual learners. This course is ideal for those who want to work at their own pace. The video lessons and explanations will be best for students who want to watch lectures that explain strategies and solve problems.

It is one of the best features of this course for those who prefer a self-study approach. Practice sessions are divided by category and difficulty level. There are lots of students who want to focus on the harder questions this course makes it possible for them.

If you are having less time to study before exam then this would be a great material at an affordable price. A 30 day version of premium course is perfect for those students who need a last minute refresher course.

Summary of Magoosh GMAT Course Features

  1. It provides 250+ video lectures
  2. It provides 800+ practice questions
  3. It will provide quizzes after every video lecture
  4. It also provide 2+ GMAT practice tests
  5. It will help you to plan your study schedule
  6. GMAT score predictor
  7. It provides apps for android, iphone,ipad
  8. It provides 3 different plans for all the users
  9. It provides money back guarantee
  10. It provides +50 total score guarantee
  11. Email assistance

Final Words About Magoosh GMAT Review

“Learning is more effective when it is active rather than a passive process”.

The above mentioned article is about the Magoosh GMAT reviews another way to crack GMAT exam with high scores. The pros of the course outweigh the cons. The video lessons, practice questions provided by Magoosh are the closest to the GMAT examination.

The score predictor feature is actually pretty accurate because Magoosh has information of lots of students and also the quizzes with a timer on is actually a great features because solving questions under timed environment will give you proper practice of exams.

Hope the above mentioned information will be helpful to you. I am sure this online course will help you to score high in your exam.

GMAT study prep at Try the 7 Day Free Trial today!

Best luck for your exams!


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