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The GRE is an important exam that can determine what career path you will take.

It tests your verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and mathematics skills.

By using vocabulary flashcards, test-takers can improve their memorization skills and master the most challenging words.

These cards can also be used as a quick reference tool anywhere, such as during the bus commute home from work.

Flashcards can be easily referenced and applied to material that needs extra review.

Many different vocabulary flashcards are available on the market, but some of them are better than others.

We will review four of the top GRE flashcards available today and recommend what we consider the best choice.

Our Top Products

1 - Kaplan GRE Flashcards

Kaplan GRE Flashcards

Kaplan is a leading name in the test prep industry with more than 80 years in the business. [1]

This set of Kaplan flashcards has 500 cards that cover a wide variety of GRE vocabulary words.

Kaplan flashcards include common and uncommon words you are likely to see on the GRE verbal section.

Each card has a high-quality example sentence to help solidify the word meanings of the GRE vocab.

If you encounter unfamiliar words, the example sentence will help you learn new vocabulary for the GRE verbal reasoning section.

  • Convenient business-sized cards
  • Excellent definitions, synonyms, and expository sentences
  • Come with a web-based app that lets you review every vocabulary word on your mobile devices
  • Free full-length practice test for flashcard purchasers
  • The smaller font size may make the cards a bit difficult to read

2 - Manhattan Prep GRE Flashcards

Manhattan Prep GRE Flashcards

Manhattan Prep's GRE vocabulary flashcards come in a two-volume set.

The first is 500 "essential" words (basic words), and the other is 500 "advanced" words.

Each set offers cards with easy-to-understand definitions, example sentences, related words, etymologies, and usage notes.

The sets focus on GRE vocabulary words that are most likely to be high-yield.

  • The GRE word, part of speech, and pronunciation on the front of the card
  • Two options - essential and advanced GRE vocab words
  • Some cards come with a 'memory trick' to help you remember the word better
  • Not all the cards have creative uses of the vocabulary

3 - The Princeton Review Flashcards

The Princeton Review Essential GRE Vocabulary

The Princeton Review offers an excellent set of flashcards for the GRE.

Each pack contains 500 cards that cover all parts of speech and challenging vocabulary words commonly seen on the exam.

The vocabulary covered by the Princeton Review Flashcards is very comprehensive.

Definitions and example sentences are provided, along with synonyms, to help push the GRE words deeper into memory.

  • Very effective for the actual GRE
  • Comes with online prep access along with the physical cards
  • Extensive vocabulary inventory with many challenging words not often seen in daily life
  • Cards are a little thinner and flimsier compared to others on this list

4 - Barron’s GRE Flashcards

Barron's GRE Flash Cards, 3rd Edition

The test prep set of Barron's GRE flashcards comes with both vocabulary and math flashcards.

The GRE vocabulary flashcards come with solid definitions and sentence completion practice.

The math cards contain facts, strategies, and 150 questions in a variety of formats (multiple choice, quantitative-comparison, number-entry).

  • Both math and vocabulary cards for a broad GRE review
  • A hole punched in the corner accommodates a metal ring for storage and sequencing your GRE words
  • It comes with advice for the verbal questions and a review of math concepts
  • You only get 250 vocabulary cards

Buyer’s Guide

female student giving a thumbs up

When looking for the best GRE flashcards available, you need to consider a number of different factors. Some of the most important are as follows.


When searching for GRE prep study material, many people want to find a cost-effective option. However, the price shouldn’t be the primary factor, as the least expensive products may not be effective enough.

Quality of Materials

Another factor to consider is the quality of GRE prep flashcards. Some sets may be made of sturdy and durable card stock, while others are thin, flimsy, and likely to tear or bend.

Question Style and Difficulty

Make sure the flashcard set is easy to use and navigate. A good app will provide a clear explanation of each word with an example sentence.

In addition, it should be easy for you to learn vocabulary words from different difficulty levels and vocab lists.

Similarity to the GRE

Although no one knows exactly what vocabulary will be tested on any given GRE General Test, there are some words that frequently show up.

Therefore, in your search for the best flashcards, you want to find a product with an extensive vocabulary list with a number of common words on the exam.

Ease of Use

You want to find flashcards that are easy to take with you, no matter where you are.

A good set should be easy to carry or store, perhaps even coming with a metal ring so that you can separate them and put them back together easily.

Number of Cards

Generally, the more cards in a deck, the better the deck. A good GRE prep study deck will contain enough cards to allow you to review plenty of new words.

Companion App

Finally, you want to find flashcards that come with a companion app and work well on your mobile device. This will ensure that you can review your cards from any location.


Are Flashcards Helpful?

Yes, flashcards are helpful. Flashcards are a well-known and time-tested method of learning vocabulary. [2]

This is particularly true when you use them in a spaced-repetition system to help you review words again and again in intervals of time that reinforce your memory.

Are GRE Flashcards Enough?

Yes, GRE flashcards may be enough for some people. However, most test-takers also use other prep materials, including practice tests, prep books, prep courses, and similar.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - Nelson Mandela, president, activist

Which GRE Word List is Best?

Which GRE word list is the best is a trick question. No matter which GRE word lists you choose, as long as they contain all the words you don’t know, they will be good for you.

Kaplan, Manhattan Prep, Princeton Review, and Barron's are considered to produce some of the best GRE word lists that they put on the flashcards.

How Do I Make GRE Flashcards?

First, you need a list of words. Then, you have to cut enough paper to make hundreds of cards. Next, you have to put the word on one side and (at a minimum) a definition on the reverse.

Ideally, every vocabulary word should also have the part of speech and a sentence with either the vocabulary word omitted or context clues, so you do not get bogged down in words with similar meanings.

However, making these flashcards is hours of work, and if you aren’t on an extremely tight budget, it is not worth the time. There are better options, like Kaplan GRE Flashcards, available.

The Best GRE Flashcards

If you are preparing for the GRE and want to make sure your vocabulary is top-notch, flashcards can help you memorize new vocab words needed for the GRE.

The Kaplan Flashcards are an excellent way to prepare for this important test. These flashcards will help you learn new words, increase your GRE vocabulary, and ensure that you can use them in context on exam day.

With 500 essential words from all areas of life, these flashcards will help you achieve a higher score on the GRE General Test by helping you build a strong foundation of vocabulary knowledge.

The flashcard set comes with an app that allows you to review your cards from anywhere.

Kaplan GRE Flashcards

Our #1 Recommendation

Kaplan GRE Flashcards

  • Convenient business-sized cards
  • Excellent definitions, synonyms, and expository sentences
  • Come with a web-based app that lets you review every vocabulary word on your mobile devices
  • Free full-length practice test for flashcard purchasers
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