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Best AP Art History Books in 2020 (Complete Reviews)

So, preparing for the AP Art History exam?

If you want to score 5 in your AP exam then check out the best AP Art History book reviews by our experts.

But before you had to the review section check out important information about AP Art History exam.

AP Art History exam Information, Date and Time:

The AP Art History exam is 3 hours long and divided into 2 sections, that is multiple choice type questions and free response section.

Sections 1: In this multiple choice section total, 80 questions are given, you have 1 hour to complete this section.Even more, the section is further divided into two parts.

Part A: total 8 sets of questions are given which is based on colored images.

Part B: in this part 35 individual multiple choice type questions are given.

Section 2:It is a free response section with total 6 questions is given, and you have 2 hours to complete this section.In both of the section, you can score 50 percent from each in your AP exam.

So, after knowing about the critical notes about the AP exam, check below table so you can get bit knowledge about best AP art history book.

​Book Image

​Book Name


​Check Price

Barrons AP Art History


best ap art history book 2018


AP Art History Larry

AP Art History book

(Best Budget)


Barrons AP Art History

Ace your AP art history exam with this Barron’s best AP art history exam guide.

The updated and redesigned review of this best Art history AP book offers you an everything you need to know and learn about a redesign of the AP art history course.

The book is the best for the student as it gives comprehensive AP Art history study guide that includes the method of innovative study criteria and ways to improve the marks in new AP art history exam.

So, this is the first best AP Art history book review on my list, and if you want high rated and easily affordable AP book, then this one is the best book for you.

Check the features of this best AP Art history book:

  • check
    Two full-length model tests with all the questions answered.
  • check
    Further multiple choice questions and essay for practice.
  • check
    Diagnostic test for practicing.
  • check
    The art history reviews describe all most all significant artists movements.
  • check
    Based on the outside of European tradition additional Art chapters are given.


  • Best book for scoring 5.
  • Good review book.
  • Excellent resource.
  • Best AP book for AP exam.
  • Well organized and affordable book.


  • You may found printing mistakes in few chapters.
ap art history book reviews

The Insider’s complete guide is the best AP book for cracking your AP Art history exam.

The best about the AP art history book:

Art history framework is the best, and it includes 250 challenging lists of required work of art history.

Unlike other books that only provide the limited information, this AP Art history book beyond the European tradition with global contemporary gives you a concise, clear and exciting for each of the works.

Each of the narratives and essay offers work’s form of content, context, and functions.

Even more, the book contains the 80 realistic multiple choice questions and glossary provides the concise definition with examples.

Check out below pros and cons of this best AP Art history book, so that you can get better knowledge about the book.


  • Great new approach to studying.
  • Informative discussion.
  • Well organized.
  • Best AP books with great pictures.
  • Practice questions and making connections sections are excellent.


  • N/A
AP Art History Larry

Best AP Art history book by Frank Chmiel is the best book that gives you real review, practice, and results.

The book is completely designed as per the new AP exam preparation and contains 400 full colors Art Masterpiece on CD.This one is the best AP Art History book for scoring 5 in your exam.

Let’s see the features of the best AP Art history textbook:

  • check
    Two full-length practice tests with complete Art images.
  • check
    Chart your progress detailed explanations of all answers.
  • check
    It boosts your confidence with test-taking strategies and experienced advice.
  • check
    Full subject reviews of all the AP topics.
  • check
    The entire Art book appears in the CD with more than 400 art images.
  • check
    Smart and friendly lessons.
  • check
    Targeted drills gave to improve your comprehension.

This one is the best book for your bucks; if you want to score 5 in your AP Art history exam, then this AP Art history book is only for you.

Check below pros and cons of this best AP Art history textbook for knowing more about the book.


  • Excellent reference book for study.
  • Best book for students and teachers.
  • Most useful review book.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Excellent practice tests with CD.


  • Book lacks to provide the picture of 20th-century art.

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Final Words : AP Art History Book

​​​​Hopefully, you enjoyed the review of the best AP Art history textbook!

If you still confused which book is good to have then check out our expert’s recommendation below that may help you to choose the Art history textbook of your choice.

Barron's AP Art History Book – 4th Edition is the best book for your bucks. It is the best selling Art History book that will help you to score high in your exam with affordable price.

The Insider's Complete Guide – Best AP Art History Textbook is the one that is the perfect choice for your AP exam Preparation.

If you want highly rated best AP Art History book, then you are digging the right place.

So, choose your book and start preparing for the exam!

Have a good day and read well for your AP Art History exam.


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