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Score a 5 with Best AP US History Book – [ Complete Review & Buyers Guide ]

Before to get on the exam lets check out the important about the AP US Prep Exam!  

AP US History exam information dates and time:

The AP US history exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long. The exam is divided into two sections, multiple choice questions/ short answer and free response section.

Each section is divided into two parts, let see what it includes.

Section 1: Part A

Multiple choice type questions, total 55 questions you have to solve in 55 minutes.

Part B:

Short answer type questions, in this part total 3 problems are given. This section lasts for the 40 minutes.

Section 2: Part A

This section is document based, and there is only one question given to you; this part lasts for the 60 minutes.

Part B:

In the second part of section 2, you have to write the long essay, the because it is the long essay writing section with 1 question given to you. You have 40 minutes to complete your essay.

So, Now check the below table for knowing about AP US history books!

Barrons AP United States History

The Barron’s third edition of the AP Unites States history exam will help the students to prepare for the most current AP US history exam.

In this book you can find additional practice test in a CD- ROM, that’s cool after all, more you practice, more you close to getting 5 on your US history exam.

The Barron’s us history book is a lifesaver!

Here is how:

The book is up to date as per the 2018 changes of the AP examination and very affordable option as compares to its functionality and performance.

Additionally, online practice tests are the best way to prepare for the exam because you can access it anywhere you want. Not only that, the practice contains the all questions answers with explanation.

Let’s check out the feature and functionality that this US history book offers.

  • check
    Two full-length practice tests with all questions answer explanation.
  • check
    Test-taking strategies for solving various formats of items like multiple choices, short answer, essay, and document-based questions.
  • check
    The details and head to toe history of US from pre-contact American Indian societies, All the world wars, Cold America wars to the Bush, Obama, and much more.

Now check below for knowing the good and bad in the Barron’s US history book reviews.


  • Smooth writings and has a lot of information.
  • Best AP book for the high school students.
  • Very high-quality book.
  • The unique format of the book.
  • Detailed study book for the US history.


  • May not useful for those who don’t know about the format of the US history.
Cracking AP US History Exam

Premium edition of the Princeton Review’s US History exam 2019 is currently the bestselling book on the market.

Get ready for getting perfect 5 in the US history exam!

With the help of Princeton Review’s comprehensive study guide and the experts that offers the targeted strategies to ace the US history exam, content review, Access to its online AP portal you can score higher and able to crack your US history exam easily.

Even more, this US history textbook offers the 5 practice tests with answers to all the questions and the answers is explained in detail.

Check out below the tried and true strategies that Princeton Review offers and features of the AP US history book!

  • check
    All the details of the fundamental US history concepts.
  • check
    Coverage of the all the short answers and multiple sources based questions.
  • check
    In-depth review and tips for solving the document based problems and essay questions.
  • check
    Access to online AP portal for pre-college information and getting exam updates.
  • check
    4 full-length practice tests in the book with complete Questions answers.
  • check
    1 full-length practice test with explanation available online.
  • check
    End of chapter review questions to test your attention.
  • check
    Pacing drills that can maximize your points.


  • Best book AP exam as well for the class study.
  • Great content.
  • Impressive price tag.
  • Enough practice tests to study better.


  • Some customers are complaining about the quality of the book.
  • You may find older content in this 2018 updated version.
Sterling AP US History

Teachers highly recommend the best AP US history book by Sterling test prep, and also it is highly rated book in the market.

Most trusted book by students, why?

The content of the book is organized in 9 historical periods; all the periods and critical concepts are as per the College Board’s most recent AP US history outline.

Moreover, the information presented in clear and easy to understand style, you can focus on the one fundamental concept at a time that helps you to understand and internalize critical historical relationships fully.

Power booster:

You can use this book in more than one way, as a review book before your AP Us history exam and accompanying text during your exam.

The best study tool that can be your necessary skill developing mentor and well preparation guide for the US history exam.

So, make your decision and if it matches your needs then don’t wait to get it and start preparing for your bright carrier.


  • Excellent content book for class and AP exam.
  • Excellent 9 step style of the book.
  • The exciting book to read.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Excellent content review book for AP US history exam.


  • N/A
5 Steps to A 5 AP US History

Going to give US history exam? Score higher with the 5 steps to a 5 is easy to follow and multiplatform AP US history book.

The book helps you to build the knowledge, skills, and test-taking confidence that you need to achieve for scoring higher in the test.

The widely popular exam:

AP book matches the latest syllabus and the exam pattern. Additionally, you get online help, and 6 full-length practice test is enough for practicing and getting 5 in your analysis.

Moreover, the six practice test that is divided into two part 3 practice test that given in the book and three practice tests that are available online. All the tests contain the complete questions answer with detailed explanation and tips on how to crack the exam, score more in the review

This is thrilling!

Because the book is available in print as well as the digital format you can access and read it anywhere via your mobile device or straight from the book whichever you prefer the most.

Check the best features of the United States history book:

  • check
    Access entire cross-platform prep course of the US history.
  • check
    Effective six practice tests!
  • check
    Flashcards, games and much more for practice.
  • check
    Assess your test readiness with powerful analysis.


  • Excellent resource for hard copy and online access.
  • The best test was taking strategies.
  • Covers a wide range of general information.
  • Best practice tests.
  • Well organized book.


  • N/A

Final Words : AP US History Book 

Hope you are doing well with your AP US history exam preparation.

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After reading the review of each book if you are still not clear which book to have then check our expert's recommendation.

If you want something classy that covers all the details from multiple choice questions to the extended essay then Princeton Review - AP US History Book is the best seller for the US history exam preparation.

Another one is highly rated AP book in the market that is Sterling Test Prep Book; It is the most wanted book for clearing AP US history exam and getting five on the test.

Notably, the structure of the book is most liked by the students, that it is easy to understand and well written.

So, choose your book and start preparing for the exam.

Do best on your exam, have a happy Reading…

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