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Best AP English Literature & Composition Books (Complete Reviews)

AP English Literature exam Information dates and time:

AP English Literature exam consists of 2 sections: Multiple choice and free response section.

Section 1:Total 55 multiple choice questions and the section lasts for the 60 minutes. You can expect 45% of your exam score in this section.

Section 2:Total 3 prompts and you have 120 minutes to complete this free response section. You have to write analysis of the poems, passage, and problems selected by you.

Now, check below for the AP English Literature book reviews but before that check out the below table for the quick glance of the best AP book.

ap english literature book reviews

REA’s crash course is the best study material for time crunched students to prepare for the AP English Literature exam.

Want high score in less time?

This advanced placement AP English Literature & composition crash course gets you a 5 in your final AP exam.

Memorizing everything in short time and easily is ideal for you. If you want to boost your English literature exam score then this crash course is the one you need.

With the help of targeted and focused review study only important things. It covers information tested on the AP exam.

Check out the features of the best AP English Literature Book:

  • check
    Timed testing and detailed explanation of the answers.
  • check
    Automatic scoring analysis.
  • check
    Targeted and focused review.
  • check
    Expert’s tips and test taking strategies.

If you are looking for the last minute test preparation, then check out AP English Language and Culture book is just only for you.


  • Great study book for students.
  • Easy to use and understand.
  • Excellent crash course for AP English Literature exam.
  • Student friendly textbook.


  • No reading practice tests.
Barrons English Literature Composition

Barron’s book is the best AP preparation book for you.

This book has great content review with additional CD – ROM that provides full length practice test with full answer explanation and automatic scoring.

You can get free access to one additional online test with question and answer explained.

Check now best AP English literature and culture book reviews:

  • check
    5 full length practice test with all questions answered and explained.
  • check
    Additional sample questions covering poetry and prose fiction.
  • check
    Review of all the test topics like poetry, fiction and drama.
  • check
    Sample student essay with strength and weakness.
  • check
    The detailed glossary that defines 175 terms.
  • check
    Updated guidelines for AP exam score.


  • Great layout of the book.
  • Comprehensive book with helpful tips and practice test.
  • Value for money.
  • Good quality material for AP English Book.
  • Very in depth book.
  • Easy to follow AP book.


  • You may find many errors in the book.
CliffsNotes AP English Literature

This one is the new edition of the best AP English Literature and Composition book!

The Cliffs Notes is the complete guide to score higher on your AP English literature and composition exam.

The book contains the multiple choice questions, essay and tips to ace the AP English literature & culture exam easily.

The best AP English literature book features the following notes:

  • check
    Best review of the AP exam format and scoring.
  • check
    True and proven strategies for answering multiple choice questions.
  • check
    Hint for solving the essay questions.
  • check
    Analysis of exam areas, like multiple choice and free response.


  • Wonderful book saves money and time.
  • Step by step through book.
  • Excellent Glossary.
  • Affordable AP book.


  • Old fashioned essay writing.

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Final Words : AP English Literature Book

So hopefully, you like the review of the best AP English Literature Book.

If you are still confused which book is the best AP book for you then check our expert’s recommendation for finding the best AP Book for you.

AP English Literature & Composition Crash Course Book is the best AP book for you if you want to score 5 in your final AP exam plus it is easy to read and effective 5 step study guide offers you best reading experience.

Are you looking for the comprehensive book review? If yes then Check out the CliffsNotes AP English Literature and Composition book is the best AP preparation book for you.

So, get your book immediately and start preparing for your AP exam.

All the best for your AP exam!

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