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Best AP Japanese Book 2019 – Complete Review

Finding the AP Japanese Book for your AP exam Preparation is not an easy task!

If you want to get a best AP Japanese book that will be match with your needs then check below our experts review for the best Japanese book of 2018. 

But before you head to AP Japanese book review check below important information about AP Japanese exam:

AP Japanese exam is approx 2 hours and 15 minutes long and covers two sections, multiple choices, and free response section.

Section 1: Multiple choice type questions and has 70 questions given with 1 hour and 20 minutes given.

Part A: Listening section and 30 to 35 questions are given and total 20 minutes given.

Part B: Reading section, total 35 to 40 minutes given for 60 minutes.

Section 2: Free response section, 4 tasks are given for 40 minutes.

Part A: Writing, 2 sections are given and you have 30 minutes to solve the questions.

Part B: Speaking, 2 sections are given for the 10 minutes.

Check out below table for more information about AP Japanese book.

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AP Japanese Book Reviews


AP Japanese Book 2018

This strives for a 5 AP Japanese book reviewed by an author of the bestselling adventure in Japanese series.

No matter what textbook you are using this AP Japanese book is perfect for anyone who is preparing for the AP Japanese exam.

Moreover, the book offers a 20 practice test with the answer. The author offers other helpful strategies and tips for cracking the AP Japanese exam. Even it includes the audio study materials and kanji flashcards for extra preparation.

If you want more practice tests that follow latest AP exam format then the full edition of this best AP Japanese book is the one that all you need.

The full edition of the book includes additional practice questions for every section and newly expanded culture notes for all the 20 topics included in the AP Japanese exam.

Unfortunately, the book contains few printing mistakes that only native Japanese can determine. Other than that this book is the best for AP Japanese exam preparation.

Check below for features of the best AP Japanese book:

  • check
    20 practice test that includes the grammar, vocabulary, kanji, and topics from the AP.
  • check
    Wide Variety of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You can do it all or choose specifically what you need more practice on.
  • check
    Advice from the experts.
  • check
    Answer key of all the questions for self-evaluation or study planning.
  • check
    Free audio recording that is downloadable.


  • Great for Japanese language study.
  • Easy to understand review book.
  • Enough number of practice test.
  • Affordable book.
  • Well, organize with Japanese and English Language in one edition.


  • It does not teach you the basics of AP biology book.
    Many printing mistakes.

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Study Tips:

To be ready for the AP Japanese exam you need this strives to a 5 best AP Japanese book preparing for the exam. Also, you need the study on your own.

Utilize this book by following the 2007 study guide and questions from the previous year.

A most important thing you can do for yourself is to get the best AP Japanese book and start preparing for the exam.

So, hope you get the review of this one and only AP Japanese book.

Have a great reading time and perform well in your AP exam.

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