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Score a 5 with Best AP French Book 2019 – Complete Review

AP exam information dates and time:

The AP French exam lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes. It has two sections, multiple choice questions, and free response sections.

Section 1:You can score 50% of your exam score in this section in this multiple choice questions total 64 questions are given that last for the 95 minutes.

Section 2: It is a free response section consists of 8 free response questions that last for 80 minutes.

You can score 50% in your final AP exam. You have to respond to an email, write an essay and record yourself speaking and comparing your culture to the French culture.

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Best AP french review book


Best AP French Book 2018

Barron’s AP culture and language book are most recommended by the users.

One of the best-advanced placement test prep books for the AP French exam is the best bang for your bucks.

You can find much of the valuable information that is essential for the AP French exam. Moreover, the Barron’s AP book offers most significant facets of the new French language and culture exam.

The features offered by this best AP French book are as follows:

  • check
    Two full-length practice exam with all the questions answered and explained.
  • check
    Useful tips and strategies that will help you in cracking the AP French exam.
  • check
    One MP3 CD containing the conversations and oral presentations.
  • check
    Expanded response and oral presentation section.
  • check
    Practice for essays, multiple-choice sections, and audio sections.

So, if you want to score 5 in your AP exam then all you need to do is buy a Barron’s AP French history book and start preparing for your AP exam. This book will surely lead you to get the high score on your exam.

Now check below for the Pros and Cons of the AP French book.


  • Great book for vocabulary practice.
  • CD works well.
  • Decent quality of the book.
  • Very good review book.
  • The good format of the book.
  • Up to date and comprehensive review.
  • Impressive specific practice and strategies for each section.


  • Content inside the book is okay.
  • Too many errors in the book.

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Buying Guide : AP French History Book

Barron’s book for AP French history is the best book you should invest in because it is affordable and offers you much of the information, tips, and strategies for cracking the exam easily.

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