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Best AP German Books for 2020 – Complete Reviews

AP German language and culture exam information dates and time:

The AP German language and culture exam is 3 hours long and has two sections: Multiple choice and free response section.

Section 1: Multiple choice section and total 65 questions are given and 1 hour 35 minutes given to complete this section. You can expect 50% of your exam score in this section.

Section 2: Free response section, 4 tasks and 1 hour 28 minutes given to complete this section. You can score 50% in your final AP exam.

Part A: Written task and you have total 70 minutes to complete this part.

Part B: Spoken response task, and total 18 minutes given to complete this part.

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best AP German Book 2018 review


best AP German Book

The German grammar drills is the number one new release to learn the AP German language and culture concepts.

Master the German grammar with the help of 3rd edition of the best German grammar drills!

You all know that grammar is an essential part of learning any language and so using German confidently you should need to prepare for grammar that you can use with confidence.

Strengthen your language skill by correct use of tenses and verb forms.

Want to show inside of the book? See Below:

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    The best AP German book contains more than 200 exercises.
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    Practice examples for learning correct grammar usage.
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    Review of exercises for better understanding. 
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    Answer key for all practice test.

AP German grammar drills is the bestselling drills for the practical advancement for the self learning tool as well as for the AP exam preparation.

For knowing more about the AP German Book Review check it out on Amazon. And check below for pros and cons of the best AP book.


  • Format is easy to read and understand.
  • Very helpful and enough number of exercise.
  • Excellent and very useful book.
  • Quick and review book.
  • Affordable price and very good book for AP German exam prep.


  • Too short explanation of the grammar.

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Final Words : AP German Book 

So, if you want to ace your German exam and score a 5 in your AP German exam then check out the German Grammar Drills - Third Edition, It is the best book for everyone.

If you really like the review of book then share it with your friends and family and let them know about the best AP book.

So, buy this best AP book for you and start preparing for the AP German exam!

Have a happy reading time and all the best for the exam.

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