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Best AP Chinese Books for 2020 (Complete Reviews)

Looking for the best AP Chinese prep books?

Check out the best picks of the AP Chinese book reviewed by our experts. but before checkout the important notes about the AP Chinese exam below.

AP Chinese exam information dates and time:

The AP exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and has two sections multiple choice and free response sections.

The exam is computer-based, so you have to listen through headsets, speak through a microphone, type using a keyboard, read text on a screen.

Section 1:

In this multiple choice type question sections 70 questions are there and 1 hour 20 minutes are given.

Part A: a Listening section that added 30 to 35 minutes question.

Part B: a Reading section that adds the 35 to 40 questions and total 60 minutes are given for solving the problem.

Section 2: Free response section 4 tasks are given, and you have 41 minutes to solve.

Part A: It is the writing section that lasts for the 30 minutes.

Part B: The verbal section that lasts for the 21 minutes.

Best AP Chinese book 2018

Barron’s are the best sellers for AP exam preparations and today in my AP Chinese book review I am going to review the first best book for AP Chinese exam preparation is the Barron’s AP Chinese book.

This book gets you all you need for AP Chinese exam preparation with easy to follow approach.

Now, explore more about this Barron’s AP Chinese book:

  • check
    Two full-length practice exam with complete question answer solution explained.
  • check
    MP3 CD given that covers the listening and speaking section of the AP Chinese exam.
  • check
    A comprehensive review of all the parts of the AP exam that are listing speaking, writing, grammar, reading, and culture.
  • check
    Enough no of practice exams and exercise covers all the topics for AP Chinese exam.

The book is perfect material preparing for the AP Chinese exam. 

Even the book reflects the modern AP exam standards and presents the questions in both traditional and simplifies Chinese characters just the way you prefer.

Check below pros and cons for getting a bright idea about the book’s feature.


  • Plenty of practice tests and very thorough book.
  • The updated book follows new AP exam format.
  • Great AP book was studying for AP Chinese book.
  • Practice CD works very well for speaking and listening section.


  • Lack of cultural note section in formatting.
  • The book is not for the Beginners; it is right for you if you know Chinese very well.
AP Chinese book reviews

The Chinese language and cultural book for AP Chinese preparation compiled by two teachers.

They both are experts in various curricula formats and have in-depth knowledge about the form, content, and principles of the AP Chinese exam.

This trial version of the AP Chinese language and culture stimulated test gathered many constructive suggestions and feedbacks.

This book is two in one combo of the self-preparation and crashes course for the AP Chinese exam preparation.

Now, check below for the latest features of this AP Chinese book:

  • check
    8 full set of the simulated exam.
  • check
    Simulation of an actual test in the form of content and time frame.
  • check
    MP3 with all written script included.
  • check
    Simplified and traditional characters.
  • check
    Rich and varied material.
  • check
    Appropriate content as per level wise.

Check below for the pros and cons of the book:


  • Enough practice provided in this book.
  • 8 enough practice tests are given.
  • A great online version of the book.
  • CD included with this book improves your listening and speaking skills.
  • Affordable price.


  • N/A.
5 Steps to a 5 AP Chinese Language Culture

Want to score 5 in your AP Chinese exam?

The 5 steps to a 5 AP Chinese book offer you 5 levels to score high in the exam. The book gives you easy to follow approach and tips for preparing for the AP Chinese exam.

Check the five steps offered by this book to hit the 5 in your AP exam.

Step 1: Schedule and set up your study plan for three model schedules.

Step 2: AP style diagnostic exam for determining your test readiness.

Step 3: Develop the test-taking strategies that will edge on test day.

Step 4: Review the terms and concepts because you need to score high.

Step 5: Take the full-length practice test to build your confidence.

That’s all, these 5 steps enough for you to score 5 in your exam easily.

Additionally, MP3 CD-ROM gave this book for practicing listening comprehension and speaking section.So, buy this book for scoring 5 in your exam and start preparing for the AP Chinese exam without wasting your time.

Check below for the pros and cons of this best AP Chinese book.


  • Book has the excellent prep material.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Good stuff and book were planning for the AP exam.
  • Best practice book for the AP Chinese exam.


  • Not well organized.

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Final Words : AP Chinese Book 

So, do you found this AP Chinese book reviews helpful?

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This one is the best AP Chinese book for getting 5 in your exam. If you want easy to follow and comprehensive review for the AP Chinese exam. Then Barron's AP Chinese Book – 2nd Edition with MP3 CD.

If you want affordable and study online then AP Chinese Language and Culture – AP Chinese Book Reviews is the best book for you.

So, hopefully, now you can able to choose the right AP book for you and start preparing for the exam.

All the best for an exam and prepare well.

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