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Score a 5 with Best AP Italian Book – Complete Review

AP Italian exam Information, date and time:

The AP exam is approx 3 hours long and has two sections, multiple choices, and free response section.

Section 1:Multiple choice sections have 70 questions and total 1 hour and 20 minutes given. You can score 50% in your final AP exam.

Part A: In this part, 30 to 34 questions are given and you have total 25 minutes to complete this part.

Part B: The second part contains 36 to 40 questions and 55 minutes are given to solve all the questions.

Section 2: It is free response section, in which 4 tasks are given. 1 hour and 28 minutes are given to complete the exam. You can score 50% in your final AP exam.

Part A: Written tasks are given, 70 minutes given to complete the section.

Part B: Spoken Responses, 18 minutes to complete the section.

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Barron's ap book


Best AP Italian Book Reviews

This brand new Barron’s manual offers the best exam preparation book for the AP Italian exam preparation.

The Barron’s book offers you most recent and frequently asked questions on the advanced Italian exam, which will give you effective ideas to perform well in your AP exam.

The best AP Italian book reviews the 5 parts of the exam with complete question answer keys and detailed commentaries in all review sections.

Even more, test-taking strategies and tips for study are presented in each section of this easy to follow and awesome AP Italian review book of 2018.

Now let’s see the features of the AP Italian book:

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    2 full-length model exam with an answer.
  • check
    1 mini diagnostic test.
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    All practice tests contain answer key, explanation and self-evaluation chart.
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    List of Italian idioms, glossary, and grammar review.
  • check
    3 audio CD for the oral exam preparation that includes two sections, listening and speaking.


  • Nice way to study for Italian comprehensions.
  • Great resource.
  • Affordable price.
  • Diagnosis test and two-sample test are awesome.
    Value for money.
  • Good review of Italian idioms and conversation.


  • The book is not as per the new AP exam.

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Buying Tips:

If you serious about your AP Italian exam then, Barron’s AP Italian book of language and culture is the best AP exam prep book for you.

If you like the review of this best AP Italian language and culture book then shares it with your friends and family so that they can get to know about the best AP book.

So, what are you waiting? Buy the Barron’s Book and start preparing for your AP Italian Exam.

Have a great reading time and all the best for your exam!

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