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Best AP Spanish Books for 2020 (Complete Reviews)

Are you looking for the best AP Spanish Book?

Here you can find the best Spanish books reviewed by our experts but before checking out the review of the best Spanish book check below important notes about the exam.

AP Spanish exam information, date and time:

The AP Spanish exam is 3 hours long and has 2 sections: multiple choice questions and free response section.

Section 1: it is the multiple choice section with total 65 questions and 1 hour 35 minutes to solve the question.

Part A: 30 questions and 40 minutes and consists verity of printing materials.

Part B: 35 question and 55 minutes to solve the problem. This part contains verity of authentic audio materials.

Section 2: Free response section offers 1 hour and 28 minutes to solve the questions.

Part A: This part takes all the written responses for 70 minutes of time.

Part B: it includes the task with spoken responses and total 18 minutes are given.

Have a quick glance on below table for knowing more about the AP Spanish book.

​Book Image

​Book Name


​Check Price

5 Steps to a 5 AP Spanish Language and Culture

5 Steps to a 5 AP Spanish Language and Culture


AP Spanish Book 2018

AP Spanish Book

(Editor's Choice)


Cracking AP Spanish Language Culture Exam

Cracking AP Spanish Language Culture Exam

Princeton Review

(Best for All)


5 Steps to a 5 AP Spanish Language and Culture

5 Steps to a 5 AP Spanish Language and Culture

Before I start the review of the best AP Chinese book, let me clear you that new version of this best AP book available. 

So check here on Amazon for the newer version that will available from the August 2018.

Most importantly, Author of this book has more than 20 years of experience in the Spanish language study.

The 5 steps to a 5 follows the easy test taking approach and builds the confidence in you for to achieve high score in your exam.

This one is the widely popular test preparation guide:

It matches the latest course syllabus and latest AP exam. Additionally you get many more practice test, answer key and tips for taking the AP Spanish exam.

You can see below for knowing more about the AP Spanish book:

  • check
    2 practice tests.
  • check
    Assess your test readiness using powerful analytics.
  • check
    MP3 disk with complete audio program.


  • Efficient and great resource preparing for the AP Spanish book.
  • Enough number of practice test.
  • Excellent book with MP3 audio.
  • Value for money.
  • Plenty of tips to prepare for the exam.
  • Great online resource.


  • N/A
AP Spanish Book 2018

The AP Spanish language and culture book is available in the digital format.

This digital AP Spanish exam crack course benefits you in most of the areas:

Because you can get access time to all the online tool if you buy the print student edition with digital course license.

So, choose the right format of the book that works for you. Print, DVD, and downloadable recourses including digital course.

In print or download you can get Teacher’s Guide and answer key, scripts and teaching support. On the other side in DVD or download you can get Audio program on DVD MP3 files for all the listing activity.

Now have a look on functions or features offered by this AP Spanish book:

  • check
    E-text compatible with the entire device including multimedia file.
  • check
    Interpersonal and presentational writing and speaking tasks.
  • check
    Downloadable audio files.
  • check
    Teacher resources and downloadable audio files.
  • check
    Assignable test and auto graded interpretive.


  • Great reading and resources. (You need Pearson account)
  • Best AP Spanish book for reading and listing prep.
  • Impressive online resources like MP3 DVD.
  • Easy to read with various features.


  • You need audio with book, without audio you can’t able to prepare from the book.
  • Doesn’t specify where to get audio portion.
Cracking AP Spanish Language Culture Exam

Cracking AP Spanish Language Culture Exam

Ace yourself to crack the AP Spanish exam with Princeton Review.

The book is written by experts of the Princeton Review who knows the overall strategies of the actual AP exam and tips for students to crack the AP exam.

Additionally, The Princeton Review book offers the CD for better understanding of AP Spanish language concepts and question format. So, the book is best up dated and follows modern approach for helping you t prepare for the AP exam.

If you want to score 5 in the exam with the easy to follow review book then this Princeton Review AP book may be your choice!

Princeton Review offers following features:

  • check
    To avoid the common mistakes tried and true strategies.
  • check
    Step by step tips for cracking each problem.
  • check
    Tactics to work smarter.
  • check
    For realistic practice audio CD is given, it includes listening and speaking sections with online stream of all the tracks.
  • check
    For free response section, comprehensive scoring guidelines.
  • check
    Translation of the all the questions passages.


  • Great book for AP Spanish Prep.
  • Best practice resource for students as well as teachers.
  • Good review book for upper level Spanish.
  • Excellent book especially for the speaking part.


  • Pretest contains some grammar mistakes.

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Final Words : AP Spanish Book 

Hope this best AP Spanish book reviews will help you for deciding which book is the right for you.

But in the case if you are still not sure which AP Spanish book you should pick? Then here you go… check below our expert’s recommendation for the best picks of the AP Spanish book.

AP Spanish: Preparing for the Language and Culture Examination is the best for you if price is not matter for you and you want to practice extra classy for your AP Spanish exam preparation. 

If you want to score 5 in your AP exam within very short time period then checkout the Princeton Review – Best AP books

The book has great material and procedures with effective tips and from this all we think this can be anyone’s best AP Spanish exam Prep book of 2018.

So, Hope now you clear with all your doubts and choose the best AP Spanish book that will fulfill your need.

Have a great day and all the best for your AP exam!

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