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Score a 5 with AP Environmental Science Book – Complete Review

Want to score 5 in your environmental science exam?

Choose the best AP environmental science book according to your need by checking out reviews of it. But before you head to review section, read below and know the important notes about the AP environmental science test!

Environmental science exam information dates and time.

The environmental science exam is 3 hours long and divided into 2 parts. The multiple-choice questions and free response section.

Note that: Calculators are not allowed in this exam!

Section 1: 1 hour and 30 minutes are given for multiple choice type questions. Total 100 multiple choice type question is provided.

Section 2: In free response section 1 hour 30 minutes given for solving 4 free response questions.

The AP environmental science exam conducted on the 1st week of the May.

Exam Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018.

Exam Time: Afternoon, 12 noon.

After reviewing the exam dates and time you can check out the review of the best AP environment book, but before have a quick glance at the below table so you can get the idea about each book.

Cracking the AP Environmental Science

As we all know how tough the AP environmental science exam, cracking the exam with good score is essential for you and getting a chance to be in your top choice college.

The top-notch experts write the Princeton Review book, and it helps to achieve 5 in your environmental science study.

Here is why Princeton Review:

The Princeton’s AP environmental science book offers you the comprehensive study guide that includes the different strategies for various questions types.

Not only that, you can access its online AP portal for solving any query and additionally, 2 full-length practice tests with answer explanation.

So, this is how Princeton Review book can help you in your AP environmental science exam.

Let me clear you one thing:

This is the 2017 edition of the Princeton Review book and currently bestselling AP environmental science book in the market.

If you want the newer version of this book, then check now here: AP environmental science book – 2018 edition.

Now, check out below the features and an excellent way to crack the AP exam.

  • check
    Guess logically and study smarter not harder.
  • check
    At the end of the chapter, prestigious list of keynotes and reviews.
  • check
    Engaging activities that can help you to access your progress.
  • check
    Allows you quick study by giving you tried and real strategies to ace the exam.

Check out below pros and cons of the AP environmental science book so that you can get the more clear idea.


  • Good info book.
  • Enough practice questions to prepare for the exam.
  • Impressive score calculator gave.
  • Value for money.
  • Well organized book.
  • Best book for higher school.


  • N/A
Barrons AP Environmental Science

The Barron’s book offers you a comprehensive study guide with additional practice tests on the CD-ROM.

To pinpoint the test taker’s strength and weak areas, the Barron’s AP environmental science book presents a diagnostics test.

The book is easy to carry, and it is like an overview of the material so that you can refer the book just before the exam to review each concept.

The Barron’s AP environmental science book offers the following features that help you to score 5 in the exam.

  • check
    Two full-length practice tests, with explain the answer to each question.
  • check
    The detailed review of all the topics with questions and answers.
  • check
    Helpful test-taking strategies and overview of the test.
  • check
    Diagrams and illustration for better understanding.
  • check
    New diagnosis test.

The 6th edition of the Barron’s AP environmental science book is the best for you test prep, but if you still want the newer version of this book, then it is available on the Amazon. Check Barron’s 7th edition of AP environmental science test prep.


  • Detailed AP book.
  • Best for multiple choice questions practice.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Excellent resources are used.
  • Best practice questions after each chapter.


  • You have to buy it early to cover all the topics. (Long term book)
  • You may find printing mistakes.
AP Environmental Science Crash Course

Before I start the review, let me tell you that this book is best preferable for those who have very less time to study for the AP environment science exam.

The crash course is the best for last minute study, for the time-crunched students. It gives you the fast and easy way to study for

AP environmental science exam and to boost your score.

The crash course is based on the in-depth analysis of the AP environmental science course description and AP questions. It focuses only on the information tested on the exam so you can manage your valuable study time.

The AP book includes the tips from experts on how to deal with the multiple choice type questions and the best way to answer the free response questions.

If you are looking for the last minute's study material, then this crash course is the best way to study for you AP environment science exam.


  • Easy to read.
  • Excellent book for the last minute studying.
  • Worth the money.
  • Simple and very thick book.


  • Lack of exercise.
Environmental Science AP

AP environmental science by Andrew Friedland is the best-rated book for the test.

The second edition of the book has very minimal writing in the book and satisfies your score in the environmental science exam.

The book is very lightweight and medium thick, so it is easy to carry around, and structure of the book is also excellent so, it is relatively easy to read and understand for giving the AP environment science test.

The text in the book offers very detailed coverage of the material on AP environment science exam.

Score higher with this best AP environmental science exam prep book!

Check out below for pros and cons of the book so that you can clear your mind if you have any question about the book.


  • It is the excellent book.
  • Meet all your expectations.
  • Value for the money.
  • Best Prep book within less time.
  • Clear and short concepts like key notes.
  • Book is easy to understand.


  • N/A

Final Words : AP Environmental Science Textbook 

So hope you guys like this AP environmental science book reviews of 2018 and find this review helpful for your future AP exam.

If you like it, then share it with your friends and teachers and let them know and benefits them by suggesting the best AP books for the exam preparation within the short time.

If you still confused which book is great for you then check out our expert's recommendation about the best picks of the AP environment science book.

If you are looking for the book that helps you to prepare for the AP exam within a short time then AP environmental science crash course book is the best suitable for you.

It includes only uses terms that are most important for the exam purpose and your last minute study guide.

If a price does not matter for you, then AP environmental science by Andrew Friedland is the best book anyone can have for their bright future. Even it is used for as a short-term study guide.

So make your choice and enjoy your reading days!

Have good day and all the best for the exam.

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