4 Best AP Microeconomics Review Books (2024 Update)

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AP Microeconomics is one of the few AP classes where you can do self-study instead of enrolling in an actual class. It involves specific theory on evaluating decisions based on trade-offs, resource allocation, constraints, and economic systems.

Whether you opt to enroll in a physical class or choose to do self-study, it's important that you choose good resource materials for your review.

After hours of researching, my team of academic experts and I came up wit a list of the best review books for AP Microeconomics. Check them out below.

4 Best AP Microeconomics Book Reviews for 2022

1 - AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book + Online (Editor's Choice)

AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book + Online

This REA’s crash course for AP Microeconomics exam prep book aims to give you a higher placement score in very less time.

If you are a time-crunched student looking for a particular book that will help you with your AP Microeconomics exam within a very short time, then this crash course material may be the right book for you.

We like how this crash course matches the requirements for last-minute studying, including the right terminologies and easy-to-follow approaches. It only provides you the information that you need to perform well in the exam.

  • Best for last-minute studying
  • Good and concise resource
  • Easy to read
  • Includes crucial terminologies
  • Formulas are a little confusing

2 - 5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics 2020

5 Steps to a 5: AP Microeconomics 2020

The 5 steps to a 5 AP Microeconomics book features an easy to follow and straightforward study guide for a fully updated AP microeconomics exam.

It aims to build the skills, knowledge, and test-taking confidence that will help you to score high in your AP microeconomics exam.

We like that it includes a bonus app that offers a daily assignment notification plus two full-length practice tests. It also includes three separate study plans that you can select from based on your availability.

  • Structure is well-organized
  • Easy to follow and straightforward study guide
  • Affordable price
  • Updated as per the new AP exam pattern
  • Needs improvement in reading quiz questions

3 - Barron’s AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Online Tests

Barron’s AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Online Tests

Here is another combo book we thought was useful for passing the AP Microeconomics exam. Barron’s is known for making well thought out prep books for many different exams.

This book includes 2 full-length microeconomics exams that students can take online.

It comes with answer explanations and study strategies, which will help you pace yourself during the AP exam.

This book also comes with online access to extra study materials. The content is also compatible with smartphones and computers.

  • Access to 2 online tests
  • Study strategies
  • Online access to content
  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Practice questions are easier than other books

4 - The Princeton Review AP Micro and Macro Prep 2021

The Princeton Review AP Micro and Macro Prep 2021

During our review, we found the combination micro and macro books were very useful for studying for either both or one of the exams.

This combo prep book by The Princeton Review comes with 2 full-length microeconomics AP exams. Each exam comes with in-depth answer explanations.

One test is in the book and the other is accessed online.

It comes with a comprehensive content review with practice drills at the end of each chapter. It also has step-by-step walkthrough guides for each question type.

  • 2 full-length microeconomics exams
  • Comprehensive content review
  • Step by step answer explanations
  • Content coverage for each skill on the exam
  • Not as many practice questions as other books

Exam Information

The College Board AP Microeconomics exam lasts for 2 hours and 10 minutes. It is divided into two parts - multiple choice questions and free-response type questions.

  • Section 1: The multiple-choice type section contains 66 questions and a total of 70 minutes is given to complete this section. You can cover 66% of your exam score in this section.
  • Section 2: The free-response section has a total of 3 questions and 60 minutes is given to answer them. For this section, you can score 33% in your AP exam score.

Recommended Articles:

4 AP Microeconomics Exam Concepts and Skills

1. Principles and Models

For this skill, the AP exam will ask you questions about defining economic principles, concepts, and key vocabulary. You should be able to identify economic principles using calculations and quantitative data.

2. Interpretation

In this section, you will be expected to be able to explain how a specific economic outcome occurs and what measures should be taken to change the situation. You should also be able to identify and interpret economic outcomes when there are multiple variables involved. You should be able to describe the variables that should be used to achieve a specific outcome.

3. Manipulation

You should be able to determine specific economic outcomes using the core principles of microeconomics. You need to be able to analyze microeconomic markets and predict an outcome. Students will have to determine the best variables to use to create change in a microeconomic market.

4. Graphing and Visuals

Students will be expected to accurately draw and label graphs and visuals to represent microeconomic trends. You should be able to stake a claim based on a graph or visual and provide evidence from the visual to support your argument. You should be able to use graphs to accurately portray a microeconomic trend, market change, or concept.

All of these skills will be studied over 6 units, which you can find below.

Unit 1: Basic Economic Concepts 12-15%
Unit 2: Supply and Demand 20-25%
Unit 3: Production, Cost, and the Perfect Competition Model 22-25%
Unit 4: Imperfect Competition 15-22%
Unit 5: Factor Markets 10-13%
Unit 6: Market Failure and the Role of Government 8-13%

Wrapping Up

If you want a book that will help you study for your AP exam within a short time, then AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book may be the one that's ideal for you. It contains the most important concepts that you need to pass despite the lack of time.

If you have enough time to prepare for the AP Microeconomics exam and want a guide that's most straightforward and easy to read,  we think 5 Steps to a 5 AP Microeconomics Book may be a good book you should invest in.


AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book + Online

Our #1 Recommendation

AP Microeconomics Crash Course Book + Online

  • Best for last-minute studying
  • Good and concise resource
  • Easy to read
  • Includes crucial terminologies
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