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Score a 5 with AP Calculus BC Book 2019 – Complete Review

Looking for the best AP calculus BC book? 

You are digging the right place! our experts reviewed the best AP books for getting 5 in your exam. but before you check the review of the best AP books, see below for the important information about the AP exam.

AP Calculus BC exam information dates and time:

The Calculus BC exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and has two were sections: free response and multiple choice type questions.

The graphical calculator is required for the parts of the exam.

Note that, you do not have both the Calculus AB and Calculus BC exam within the same year.

Section 1:

Total 45 questions are given in this section, and you have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete this sections. This section further divided into two,o parts.

Part A: Total 30 questions and you have to 60 minutes. (Graphical calculators not allowed)

Part B: Total 15 the items and 45 minutes are given to complete the test. (Graphical calculator required)

Section 2: You have total six questions and 1 hour 30 minutes for complete the paper.

Part A: 2 problems, 30 minutes to complete the paper.

Part B: 4 problems, 60 minutes for completing the paper.

AP Calculus BC exam information, dates and time:

Just have a look on below table for knowing about the each of the best AP Calculus BC exam!

Calculus BC Books

Barron’s is the best sellers in the market for offering the best AP calculus BC exam books with easy to understand and follow methods.

In this comprehensive AP test preparation manual both Calculus AB and Calculus BC are covered.

Moreover, the book is designed as per the new 2017 curriculum, so you don’t need to worry about the pattern and arrangement of the book.

Yeah, test offered in this book is the bit harder than the actual AP test, it can help you to improve your confidence and test-taking strategies.

Checkout, what you can expect from this best AP Calculus BC book:

  • check
    Reflects the new exam format and gives you four practice tests of both AP Calculus AB and Calculus BC exam.
  • check
    All questions answered with the detailed solution.
  • check
    Detailed explanations of topics that covered in both reviews.
  • check
    Best ways to use the graphing calculator efficiently.

If you still want to know more about the Barron’s best AP books then check pros and cons below.


This Barron’s comprehensive guide offers additional practice test on CD –ROM, so enjoy two more practice test with this best Calculus BC book.

The book is best for you if you want to brush up the things you already know, so choose accordingly.


  • Best practice test for getting 5 in the exam.
  • Very useful for the calculus BC exam.
  • Clear and helpful explanation.
  • Enjoyable practice tests with self-studying.
  • Easy to understand math concepts.
  • Durable and sleek design.


  • More difficult practice questions, so it may not be right for the average person.
  • The book is not updated as per the new exam; this book is still same as compares with its 13th edition.
AP Calculus BC book

The author of this book Rita Korsunsky is an award-winning teacher for the best AP Calculus.

Mostly, all of her students (94 percent) scores 5 on AP Calculus BC exam. Additionally, 100% of her students passing on the Calculus exam.

So, multiple choice type questions to prepare for getting 5 on your Calculus BC exam is an essential tool. And the book fits the College Board requirement as per the new 2018 updated syllabus.

Check below for the features of the AP Calculus BC Book:

  • check
    6 multiple choice exams to give.
  • check
    Thermos and reference for the formula.
  • check
    Tips for taking an AP test.
  • check
    Answer key for easiness.

If you want step by step solution of the calculus BC book then it is also available in the PowerPoint format, so you download it, check here at Amazon for more downloading details.

You may find the many books on the market, but this book is specially designed keeping the mind in the students.

Here what the students need to score 5 in the exam.

Test-taking strategies, confidence, and knowledge review all kind of practice questions and much more. This best AP calculus BC book is the best match to improve these all essential skills.

The book mimics the format and difficulty of the practice test with the actual AP exam. Even more, the book contains formulas and theorems which are carefully chosen, well organised and easy to view.

Another best future of the Calculus BC book!

The book offers the collection of useful tips for avoiding the common mistakes and misconception during your AP Calculus BC exam.

So, if you are serious about getting five on your AP exam, then this book is the best for your AP calculus BC exam preparation.

Now have a look at the pros and cons of this best AP book so that you can clear your mind if you have any doubt about the book.


  • Most up to date book following new AP test.
  • Handy explanation of the practice tests.
  • Easy to understand and affordable price.
  • Book and the solution CD both are excellent.
  • Realistic and useful exam questions.
  • Effective test taking strategies.
  • Excellent power point material for studying.


  • You have to buy additional solution CD for a detailed explanation of the problems.
Cracking the AP Calculus BC Exam

The experts of the Princeton Review help students and professors to ace their exam since 1981. Ace your AP Calculus BC exam with the help of Princeton Review!

This book is the best Prep book for both AP Calculus BC exam. With enough number of the practice tests and well organised and well-researched methodology helps you to hit the 5 in your Calculus BC exam.

Now, check out the features of this best AP prep book below:

  • check
    5 full-length practice tests with all question answered with solutions. ( 3 Practice tests for BC)
  • check
    Comprehensive content review for all the test topics.
  • check
    At the end of each chapter, practice drills are given for the better understanding.
  • check
    A cheat sheet for all the essential formulas.
  • check
    Step by step strategies and solution for each section of the test.


  • A comprehensive review of Calculus BC book.
  • Clear and concise answer section.
  • Best self-studying BC book.
  • Well organised.
  • The best book especially the examples of every question.


  • Not suitable for the free response section.
  • Not the best book if you want to prepare in a short time.
Calculus BC book 2018

Another best AP Calculus BC book from the Rita Korsunsky.

So are you ready to Ace the Calculus BC exam within a short time?

The lecture notes of the Rita Korsunsky help you to prepare fast and efficiently that you can score 5 in your final exam.

Let’s explore in deep about this best AP Calculus BC notes!

The study notes contain the printouts of the powerpoint slides of the Calculus BC examination. You can use this lecture notes for review and learning purpose.

The best AP calculus BC lecture notes were suitable for every student no matter how much they know about calculus.

You do not have to worry about anything because this fantastic lecture note targets the specific skill and content that you have every concept on your hand with concisely explained theorem and step by step methods.

This is something that everyone needs:

At the end of the study notes, you can find all the formulas and theorem is necessary for the AP test preparation.

The multiple choice type questions are the same format as per the actual AP test. Even the problems have same difficulty level as AP Calculus BC exam.

This one is the best lecture notebook for all the people or students who want to score high in their exam.

Now, check pros and cons below for knowing more about the Calculus BC lecture notes.


  • Clear and easy to follow the book.
  • Great study notes for getting 5.
  • Explains challenging concepts easily.
  • An excellent resource for students and teachers.
  • User-friendly book.
  • Quality of the lecture notes is excellent.
  • Comprehensive lecture notes and covers all topics in depth.


  • N/A
5 Steps to a 5 AP Calculus BC

William ma is the author of this best AP Calculus BC book.5 steps to a 5 is the best AP calculus BC book for getting 5 in your AP exam.

AP Calculus BC features a practical, skilled knowledge, and test-taking strategies to build up the better understanding of taking AP tests.

Check out below for knowing about the latest features of the Calculus BC book:

  • check
    Application feature that offers extra practice questions and daily assignment notification to check your test readiness!
  • check
    Three complete AP practice test for Calculus BC exam.
  • check
    3 separate study plan that can use to fit your learning style.

The 5 steps to a 5 offer the thoroughly revised and new syllabus that matches the original AP Calculus BC exam format.

So if you do not yet start reading any book then buy the best 5 steps to a 5 for getting 5 in your AP Calculus BC exam, and it is worth to have at such affordable price.


  • The perfect book for Calculus BC exam.
  • Superior AP book.
  • Affordable price, worth the money.
  • Best AP book for students as well as teachers.
  • Excellent practice test.
  • Online app features are cool to prepare for the AP test.


  • N/A

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Final Words : AP Calculus BC Book 

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If you want to revise concepts of calculus with a few explanations then Barron's 14th Edition – AP Calculus BC Book is the best suitable for everyone.

If you want to get five on your AP Calculus BC exam then the Calculus BC Book - Exam Preparation workbook and AP Calculus BC Lecture Notes - AP Calculus BC Book both are worth your every penny.

So, now hope you are bright with your doubts and able to choose the best book that you need!

Have a happy reading time!

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