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Best AP Statistics Textbook for 2020 (Reviews & Study Guide)

Are you preparing for the AP Statistics exam? 

Then here you can find best AP statistics textbook for 2019. Before you head to the review section check out the important notes about AP Statistics exam below.

AP statistics Exam information dates and Time:

The AP statistics exam is 3 hours long and partitioned into two parts, multiple choice, and free response.

Section 1: In this section total 40 questions are given that all are multiple choice type questions and 1 hour 30 minutes of time is given.

Section 2: in this free response part 6 questions are given for the same 1 hour 30 minutes of time.

Note; you need to bring a graphing calculator with statistics capabilities in the exam.

 Check out below table for the quick glance of each AP statistical Book.

Stats Modeling the World

The Stats Modeling the World is the clear, accessible and teachable AP statistics textbook.

The book has practical data analytics and graphics that lead the students to think statistically from the start.

You find data, why that data is interesting and how to report that data to others!

The 4th edition of this AP statistics book is more engaging than its previous version. And so, it is worth to buy.

The latest AP statistics book is built from the previous three books innovative features and additionally, includes revisions that designed to make easier for students to combine statistics together like a coherent.


  • Clear and easy to follow examples.
  • Well written.
  • Very helpful book for school.


  •  So many writing in the book.
  • Answer key ripped.
Cracking the AP Statistics Exam

The Princeton Review offers 2019 edition of AP statistics exam to score a 5 on the test.

Much like the method that Princeton AP books offer in biology and psychology AP books, in the AP statistics book it includes the 2 full-length practice test with answers and explanation of each solution, content review for all topics and strategies for every question type.

Ace the AP statistics exam by working smarter way!

The Princeton Review experts know how to crack the AP statistics exam, and they will arm you to give exam natural way and help you to score high in your AP statistics test.

Practice makes your AP statistics test easy to break!

You can start with the practice drills that are given at the end of every content review chapter plus step by step walkthrough to set up box plot, dot plots, and other statistics graphics.

The Princeton Review’s tried and true strategies will surely help to achieve 5 in your AP statistics test 2019.

So, for your college test preparation buying this best AP statistics textbook is the smart choice.

Let’s talk about courses and methods that Princeton Review AP book offers.

  • check
    Comprehensive content review of all the topics.
  • check
    As per the 2018 AP exam, up to date statistics for the AP exam.
  • check
     To access your progress book includes engaging activity.
  • check
    The online portal is available for any updates about AP statistics exam.


  • Good practice tests.
  • Best online help portal.
  • Highly rated and best book for students.
  • Easy writing and strategies.
  • Well written AP book.


  • N/A
AP Statistics Practice Book

Before we begin the AP statistics textbook review, let me highlight the important notes about ultimate AP Statistics practice book.

The AP statistics practice book by Kendall Roberg offers 100 practice problems. Isn’t it more than enough?

The best about this AP statistics textbook is that the explanation of the entire 100 question explained in the you tube video. You can say the book is for the lazy people, that’s funny.

Infect, the video covers all the concepts and even explains each and every button to push on your graphical calculator.It is best suitable for the AP statistics exam 2018 - 2019 courses.

Check out below, if you want to know what topics or concepts covered in the 100 study problems that offered with this course.

  • check
     Distribution of the data that includes shapes, outliers, spread.
  • check
    A normal distribution like z- score, percentiles.
  • check
    Graphical data like Histogram, Box Plots, Ogives, Pie chart.
  • check
    Chi-square, one square, and two square tests.
  • check
    Understanding residual plots.
  • check
    Scatter plots and least square regression.
  • check
    Constructing the confidence intervals.
  • check
    Applying transformation for achieving linearity.

So, if you don’t want to work hard and want the modern AP statistics textbook, then you are choosing the right book. Just check out its pros and cons to know more.


  • Affordable price range.
  • The detailed explanation for every problem.
  • Best book to prepare for free response section.
  • Youtube video explained just right.
  • Good prep book for AP stats.


  • There are no multiple choice practices in the book.
Barron's AP Statistics textbook

Barron’s is the number one best seller in the statistic. Let’s discover the idea that Barron’s apply in the AP statistics textbook to achieve the higher grade in the test.

Most affordable book with the complementary practice test.

With the paperback book, Barron’s offers the one additional full-length AP statistics online practice tests with all the questions answered and briefly explained.

Barron’s features the 35 best AP statistics exam hints!

This AP statistics textbook includes the following concepts, check them out.

  • check
    All tests questions answered and explained.
  • check
    Five full-length practice test, diagnosis test with up to date information.
  • check
    Additional free practice test with answers explained.
  • check
    Subject review of 14 chapters, covering all the topics you need to know in the exam.
  • check
    Highlighting statistical insight into the social issue.
  • check
    The essential guide for how to use TI, Casio, Graphics calculators.

So, give yourself a favor by having this best AP statistics textbook and start preparing for your exam without wasting your precious time.


  •  Understanding and easy concepts.
  • The excellent book to prepare for the ACT as well as AP statistics test.
  • Bright and well written AP book.
  • The excellent book to prepare for the ACT as well as AP statistics test.
  •  Understanding and easy concepts.


  • Quality of the book text is bit low; you may find hard to read the text in some areas.

Final Words : AP Statistics Textbook

So, do you like the AP statistics book review?

If yes, then share it with your mates, friends, and teachers.

Have any question about the AP Statistics Prep Books? Then do comment below. We are here to assist you.And if you are confused which AP statistics book you should get then no worries!

Checkout below our expert’s recommendation for best AP statistics book.

The Princeton Review 2019 Edition is the best bang for your score 5 in the test. The book is famous and rated 5 out of 5 for their excellent structure and practice tests.

The plus point of the book is it comes in the affordable range providing much more extra practice materials.

The all in all best sellers and offers merely best practice tests. Yeah, I am talking about Barron's AP Statistics textbook that is best for your AP exam preparation as well as for teachers can also use it for their reference.

So hopefully now you are clear with your idea and able to choose AP statistics book for yourself.

Have a happy reading and bright future ahead!

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