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Score a 5 with AP Chemistry Textbook for 2019 (Complete Reviews)

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But before that check out some important notes about the AP chemistry exam below:

AP chemistry exam information, date and time!

The AP chemistry exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes long which is divided into 2 parts: Multiple choice questions and free response section.

Section 1:

It is the multiple choice question (in total 60 questions given) section that is 1 hour and 30 minutes long. You can consider 50% of your exam score.

Note: You are not allowed to keep a calculator in section 1.

Section 2:

Seven questions given that is free response type and total 1 hour and 45 minutes to solve the problem, this sections covers your 50 % of exam score.

Now, check the AP chemistry exam dates and time:

Exam date: Monday, May 7, 2018

Exam Time: Morning 8 a.m.

Now have an eye on the below table and discover the review of the best AP chemistry books for 2019.

Cracking AP Chemistry Exam

Crack the AP chemistry exam with the help of Princeton Review’s best AP chemistry textbook 2019 edition.

Let me tell you one thing:

if you are ok with the 2019 edition then let’s explore the AP chemistry book reviews.

In this AP chemistry exam cracking course, you can find the 2 full-length practice test with complete solution and explanation.

With the help of the detailed guide, test-taking strategies, thorough content reviews and access to its online AP portal for solving any query or knowing about any exam updates.

The targeted strategies build the essential skills and do not let you do the silly mistakes!

Explore the futures offered by this AP book:

  • check
    Tried and true strategies that help you to avoid the common mistakes.
  • check
    Techniques that help you to work smarter.
  • check
    Comprehensive content reviews for all test topics.
  • check
    Study drills at the end of each chapter to improve your accuracy.
  • check
    2 full-length practice test with answers.
  • check
    Engaging activity to assess your progress.
  • check
    Review of the essential laboratory equipment and procedures.


  • Covers everything related to AP chemistry exam.
  • The excellent resource for AP exam.
  • Perfect chemistry book for AP exam prep.
  • Recommended by teachers and students.
  • Excellent book for Reviews and Free response section.


  • Book does not give you the formulas that solve the problem.
  • Not much is sufficient for the multiple choice type questions.
5 Steps to a 5 AP Chemistry 2019

Ready for the AP chemistry exam?

Ace the AP chemistry exam with easy to follow 5 steps to a 5 straightforward study guide.

This modern and logical test study guide introduces the effective 5 step study plan that helps you with building skills, knowledge, and test-taking strategies and confidence that is essential for you to pass the AP chemistry exam successfully and for scoring 5.

The most demanding AP tests include the multiple choice questions, free response, and experiment based questions. This best AP chemistry book helps students to master various types of the problems.

The 5 steps to 5 features the stages of success steps let cheek them out:

  • check
    Tips on how to set up your study plan.
  • check
    Determine your test readiness.
  • check
    Develop the right and tried strategies for getting success.
  • check
    Add knowledge that you can score high in the exam.
  • check
    Build the test-taking confidence in you.

Now, want to know more?

The AP exam prep book of 2018 offers you the 2 full-length practice test that is up to date as per the new AP chemistry exam requirements.

Moreover, the AP planner app specially customizes for the mobile users so that they can study from anywhere with extra practice questions.

Check the Pros and cons below of this best 5 steps to a 5 AP chemistry textbook review!


  • Well written chemistry book.
  • The detailed review of each chapter.
  • Best reference martial.
  • Excellent glossary, web resources are added.
  • iOS and Android app for online help and study.
  • Well organized.


  • Not suitable for solving problems. (study idea behind chemistry)
best ap chemistry review book 2018

The crash course is perfect for the last minute study and scoring high in the exam.

Are you time-crunched students?

Don’t worry still you can score high in your AP chemistry exam with the help of REA’s crash course.

No matter if you are last minute studier or previous time reviewer or refresher for the subject this best chemistry crash course is the best for you.

So don’t worry about how you should start preparing for the AP chemistry exam in your time crunched schedule.

Make a decision, and this best AP chemistry book crash course is the best for your last minute study.

The crash course offers you essential points or topics that you need to know.

In short, it gives you in-depth analysis of the revised AP chemistry book outlines and sample questions as per the new AP chemistry exam pattern.

So, make your decision and start preparing for the AP chemistry exam. Check below for pros and cons of the AP exam.


  • True and concise AP practice test.
  • Excellent reference book and resource for studying.
  • Easy to understand language.
  • Great book for AP chemistry exam.
  • Updates and excellent study guide.


  • Not enough number of AP chemistry book.
  • Trouble in accessing the online practice test.
Sterling Test Prep

The Sterling Test Prep is the highest rated and most recommended by teachers for AP chemistry exam preparation.

Even more, detailed and new chemistry book with accurate and complete explanation covering all the AP chemistry exam prep topics.

Check out below for the topics that cover in this AP chemistry textbook:

  • check
    Electronic and atomic structure of matter.
  • check
    Electro and thermochemistry.
  • check
    Acids and bases.
  • check
    Chemical bonding and a periodic table.
  • check
    Various stats like liquids, solids, and gases.
  • check
    Equilibrium and reaction rates.

Check out below for the Pros and cons of the Sterling Test Prep for the AP chemistry exam.


  • Detailed explanations.
  • Very useful for the AP exam.
  • Best supplements for AP chemistry book.
  • Good practice questions.


  • May not good for the comprehensive test prep.

The tenth edition of this best AP chemistry book includes robust conceptual framework with the readable and engaging writing style, single section of problems and exercises makes it one of the preferable AP chemistry book.

Want to think like a chemist:

To feel like a chemist, this book offers the needy tools, critical thinkers, solve the problem, apply chemical theories and evaluate outcomes.

It offers a thoughtful approach to apply critical thinking and creative problem-solving techniques that can help you a lot in your AP chemistry exams.

Check out below for the Pros and cons of the best AP chemistry textbook.


  • Excellent book for AP chemistry.
  • The obvious explanation of each concept.
  • Value for money.
  • Enough practice test to prepare for the exam.


  • Kindle version of this book is not good.

Final Words : AP Chemistry Textbook 

Hope you like the review of the best AP chemistry textbook for 2019 AP exam. If you wanted it, then share it with your friends and family and let them know about the best AP chemistry textbook.

If you still confused which book is the great for you them merely check out our expert's review and find the best Prep book for your AP exam.

If you want to score 5 in the exam, then 5 steps to a 5 - Best AP Chemistry Textbook are the specially made for you. The book is easy to follow and understand.

Even more, the price of the book is relatively reasonable compared to its features and service it offers.

The another best practice book for you is the Sterling test Prep for AP chemistry exam. It covers all the chemistry concepts and gives the complete review of each question. 

If you want something that primarily focuses on the multiple choice type questions, then this book is the best for you.

So, buy your best AP chemistry textbook and start preparing for the exam.

Have a happy reading and do best on your AP exam!

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