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Score a 5 with the Best AP Physics 2 Book – [UPDATED 2019]

The exam is 3 hours long and has two sections: (Algebra Based)

Multiple choice questions and free response section.

Note: You can use a scientific or graphing calculator and also tables of physics equations and formulas.

Section 1: Multiple choice sections, 50 questions and 1 hour 30 minutes given to complete the exam.

Section 2: Free response section, 4 questions and 1 hour and 30 minutes given to solve each question

5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics 2

So, are going to give the AP physics 2 exam?

Get ready to ace your AP physics 2 exams with the 5 steps to a 5 exam study guide. The 5 steps to a 5 exam study guide introduce an easy to follow study approach for AP physics 2 exam preparations.

What should you get from this book?

The book builds skills, knowledge and test-taking confidence in you. So, score a 5 with the 5 steps to a 5 best AP exam prep book.
This best AP book matches the latest syllabus as per the new AP exam format.

Now, check what features you will get from these 5 steps to a 5 book:

  • check
    2 practice exam with each question answered.
  • check
    Study tips and information on how the exam scores and much more.
  • check
    Interactive and customizable AP planner app.
  • check
    Check your test readiness with powerful analytics.


  • Good online resources that support the book.
  • Lots of practice tests.
  • Great tips and strategies to ace the exam.
  • Well organized and excellent book.
  • Very thorough and detailed AP exam prep book.


  • N/A.
best AP physics 2 review book

The best AP Physics 2 book that even kids can read while enjoying.

This essential AP physics 2 book is easy to read and covers the all major topics that can be asked in AP physics 2 exam.

You should get more than 450 practice worked out problems with answer explanations.

The AP physics 2 essential book covers almost all the topics of physics 2 course including, fluids, magnetism, optics, electrostatics, circuits, modern and thermal physics.

Even more, this AP essential book for physics 2 exam is integrated with the APlusPhysics.com website. You can access study questions, video, and forums to master the AP physics 2 courses.

You can use this book for both purposes as AP physics 2-course guide as well as the review book. Moreover, this book includes more than 60 AP style questions; so that you can test your understanding about the AP physics 2 exam.

Now check below for the pros and cons offered by this book.


  • Best Review book for AP physics 2 exam.
  • Clear and Concise.
  • Best comprehensive review book.
  • Fully and detailed content in the book. 


  • Formulas are confusing.

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Final Words : AP Physics 2 Book

So, do you like the review of the best AP Physics 2 book?

If yes then share it with your friends and family so, that they know about the best AP physics c book.

If you are still confused which book is best for you then check our expert’s recommendation for the best AP Physics 2 book.

If you are looking for the best AP book that offers you online resources with comprehensive review and book that comes in your budget then 5 Steps to a 5 - AP Physics 2 Book Is the best for you.

AP Physics 2 Essentials - An APlusPhysics Guide is the best book for you if wants to score 5 in your AP physics 2 exam.

Now, hope you are able to choose the best AP physics 2 book for you. So, get your book and start preparing for you.

Have a good day and all the best for exam!

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