Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE (2024 Update) Which One Wins? 

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If you are considering graduate school, then you will have to take the GRE test. Any standardized test can be anxiety-inducing for most students, but you can get the GRE score you desire with a GRE preparation course.

Since there are over 10 different test prep courses to choose from, we thought we would narrow it down and review 2 leading companies to see which is better. Between Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Prep, both offer great GRE courses, but one has the edge.

Main Differences Between Manhattan Prep GRE & Magoosh GRE Courses

magoosh vs manhattan gre

The main difference between Magoosh and Manhattan GRE prep review courses is the type of lessons they offer. Magoosh caters to online learning alone, while Manhattan provides both face-to-face tutorials and live online classes. Manhattan also offers one of the best GRE prep books.

Both offer a 7-day free trial, but only Magoosh provides a guarantee of a +5 score increase.


  • Offers books aside from online review
  • Ample amount of practice tests
  • Includes video lessons
  • Offers face-to-face tutorials
  • No refund policy
  • More expensive option


  • Comes with an interactive interface
  • With AWA guidelines and tips
  • Offers free refund
  • Reasonably-priced
  • With +5 score increase guarantee
  • Does not offer live tutorials

Some Things To Consider

purchasing for a gre course

Price - Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE

Magoosh GRE has one of the best-priced GRE prep courses on the market. They offer 2 primary options for their self-paced course. If you only have a short time to prepare, you can choose the last-minute 1-month access option for around $150.

They also have a 6-month program that costs only slightly more at $180. You will have access to their full library of materials to practice anywhere and at any time you want.

Manhattan Prep offers more study options, including live online and in-person GRE prep courses. It offers a 1 and 6-month self-paced course as well. The 1-month option costs about $250, and the 6-month access pass will set you back at around $400.

Manhattan GRE prep is the more expensive option, but they offer more course material. However, we think Magoosh GRE offers a much better price that is hard to beat.

Course Material - Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE

While Manhattan Prep offers more material, we think the answer comes down to quality over quantity in this case. For the price and quality of materials, we still think Magoosh has the edge here.

Magoosh GRE offers 250 video lessons with in-depth explanations for each question. They offer 3 full-length GRE practice tests and about 1,200 practice questions. You will also get video explanations for the GRE practice problems, which is immensely helpful.

They offer GRE analytical writing tips and guidelines, but they do not grade your essays. The GRE test score analysis can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Manhattan Prep GRE offers more study material, but it costs a lot more too. Manhattan Prep offers 77 interactive video lessons and over 100,000 practice questions. You will get 6 full-length tests, which will help you prepare for the real GRE test.

Manhattan GRE offers video explanations for GRE practice problems. Magoosh offers fewer video lessons. They amount to about 21 hours of video instruction.

Manhattan Prep GRE has about 27 hours of videos for students to watch. Manhattan Prep has more practice questions to choose from, but do not assume more is always better.

We found that students consistently reported Magoosh as having much harder practice questions than on the GRE test. In our opinion, it is better to see difficult practice questions show up on a practice test than on the real thing. The practice questions Manhattan Prep GRE offers are easier.

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“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”


- Henry Ford, American Industrialist and Business Magnate

Score Guarantee

During our Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE review, Magoosh GRE wins on the score increase guarantee because Manhattan Prep does not offer one. They have a +5 score increase guarantee. If your GRE score does not increase by at least 5 points overall, you will receive a refund.

To qualify for the score increase guarantee, you have to complete every item within the course content. This includes all practice tests and questions and every video lesson. You have to submit your first GRE score report to Magoosh before beginning the course. It must not be older than 5 years.

Manhattan GRE does not offer a score increase guarantee because they claim that most students do not take the GRE test before enrolling in a GRE test prep course. Magoosh wins this category since you can at least have some peace of mind when spending money on a GRE course.

Convenience - Magoosh vs Manhattan GRE Test Prep

Every college student likes convenience, especially when studying for a tough exam. We think Magoosh comes out on top for the convenience factor. Magoosh has an interactive mobile app, which allows you to study while you’re on the go.

Magoosh also has a comprehensive and impressive vocabulary app for the verbal section. You can answer practice questions, watch video tutorials, and use vocabulary flashcards, which we found helpful.

Manhattan Prep has an app as well, but it does not impress us nearly as much. For one, it costs extra on top of your subscription. It allows you to test yourself on practice questions, but it does not connect to the GRE complete course's desktop version.

The Manhattan Prep app is an online version of the 5 LB Book of GRE Practice Questions. If you have the book of GRE practice questions, then you don’t need to worry about the mobile app.

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Magoosh vs Manhattan - Free Trial

Magoosh and Manhattan GRE have a 7-day free trial period. With Magoosh, you can access up to 20 videos and 20 practice problems. Manhattan Prep has a slight edge here since you get 15 videos, questions, and a full-length GRE test.

The Manhattan Prep practice tests will be similar to the GRE course, so it should be a good indicator to see if the course is best for you. The 20 questions and tests Magoosh offers act as a diagnostic test.

Refund Policy

Magoosh wins in this category again. They offer a 7-day no strings attached refund policy.

If your schedule changes, you do not like it or change your mind, you can contact Magoosh for a full refund with no questions asked.

Manhattan Prep does not offer any refunds. They state on their website that all payments are nonrefundable. That means that once you buy, you have to stick with it or forfeit your money.

Learning Experience - Magoosh & Manhattan Prep

Most students care about how you will learn within a course. We thought the overall learning experience of the Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep GRE course was better with Magoosh. It offered better questions and material for less money.

We also liked the interface and dashboard. Magoosh has a customizable dashboard, which you can use to identify your weak areas and customize practice quizzes so you can prepare better for the upcoming exam.

The Manhattan Prep dashboard offered fewer customization options and less information. You could not see the type of question you missed unless you went further into the materials.

Extra Features

Magoosh offers subject test reviews such as a GRE math and verbal only section. For example, if you’re a whiz at the verbal section, then you can purchase a GRE math only review. You can also get verbal and analytical writing only review courses.

Magoosh also offers tutoring options that are more affordable than Manhattan Prep. The tutoring packages are paid by the hour. Magoosh also offers study plans for students to practice tests and different question types on a set schedule.

Manhattan Prep also has tutoring options, but they are pricey. We recommend tutoring for students who need extra help and guided assistance.

Manhattan Prep has a GRE for MBA test prep option. It was designed specifically for students who are planning to enroll in an MBA program but do not want to take the GMAT. This course is the best way to go for students who are interested in entering a business program. The resources Manhattan Prep offers are useful but expensive.


What payment options are available?

Both Magoosh and Manhattan Prep allow you to pay with Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Manhattan Prep has a payment plan option, which will allow students a chance to pay in installments.

Do they provide study schedules?

Both GRE courses offer study schedules, but we found Magoosh’s to be more customizable and comprehensive. Manhattan Prep has a study calendar to assist students.

Who should enroll in a GRE program?

We recommend that all students, if possible, should take a GRE course. You should look into a course if you need additional practice and guidance. If you are familiar with the GRE exam and material, then it might be fine for students to forego a course.

How long should you study for the GRE exam?

We recommend that students study for at least 1 month before taking the test. Ideally, you should prepare for 3 to 6 months if you have the time.

Magoosh vs Manhattan Prep: Which Course Is Our Top Pick?

After our careful review and reading countless customer reviews, we think the Magoosh test prep course is the better way to go when it comes to the best GRE prep courses. While every person is different, we think Magoosh has a better curriculum, mobile app, and practice tests. It also comes with a refund policy within the 7-day free trial period, no questions asked.

We like how it provides us with an interactive interface for convenience and better accessibility. The practice exams are harder than the real exam, which we think will help students be more prepared. They each have their merits, but Magoosh GRE is our top pick.


Our #1 Recommendation

Magoosh GRE Prep

  • Actual GRE practice questions
  • +5 score improvement guarantee
  • Score predictor algorithm
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
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