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There are greater chances for admission into a reputable graduate school if you get an excellent GRE psychology subtest score aside from an exemplary performance in the three significant subtests.

Although the test is optional, those who want to get into a psychology graduate school should aim for flying colors to boost their application. Our team has compiled the top 5 GRE Psychology prep books to help you get that highest possible score.

Top 5 GRE Psychology Prep Books

1 - Princeton Review GRE Psychology Prep, 9th Edition (Editor's Choice)

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review GRE Psychology Prep book has a well-established reputation consistent with its regular GRE review quality. The company also offers study techniques and tips, which our team has found helpful.

Like their standard GRE prep, this review book also has comprehensive topic coverage and has the highest number of full-length practice tests.

But, make sure to have internet access or good psychology textbooks when studying as you might need more explanations on some topics since the book may lack topic organization.

  • Well-established review book
  • Proven study techniques and tips
  • Thorough coverage of test topics
  • Three full-length practice tests w/ explanations
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests for improvement
  • Needs more topic organization

2 - GRE Subject Test: Psychology (Kaplan Test Prep)

Kaplan GRE

Kaplan is confident of its Psychology prep that it has a monetary guarantee policy in place. This review book has the longest-running reputation among the five in the list, with information checked by the company's team of psychometricians.

There are a terminology definition subsection and updated questions, but it lacks statistics coverage and has fewer full-length tests.

Nonetheless, our team has found the Kaplan Psychology prep book a good review material, but we find it lacking the number of practice tests compared to the Princeton review book.

  • Money guarantee
  • Longest running prep material
  • Terminologies definition
  • Regularly updated
  • Psychometrician-checked information
  • Fewer full-length tests
  • No statistics coverage

3 - GRE Psychology (Barron's Test Prep)

Barron's GREtest prep

Unlike the regular Barron's GRE Prep course that has outstanding reviews, the Psychology review book from the same company lacks the praises as our team has found the reader a useful supplement at best.

Also, customers have pointed out its need for topic explanations (present in the Princeton Review Psychology prep book).

Our team has found the book to have a strong outline and extensive topic coverage that makes the book highly organized.

They also are transparent with their goal of being a supplement to good Intro to Psychology books, and you even get a study path for pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses, which you can work on accordingly.

  • Notable outline
  • Highly organized
  • Strengths and weaknesses study path
  • Extensive topic coverage
  • Transparent with book goal
  • Works only as a supplement
  • It needs more comprehensive explanations

4 - Cracking the GRE Psychology Subject Test

The Princeton Review GRE psychology subject test

Another product from the Princeton Review for the GRE Psychology exam is this review book, indicating that it also gives customer test tips, which our team finds helpful.

The review book has good coverage of the basics, and they have simplified the discussions, working well as a complement to a good textbook.

Its subtest strength lies in the History of Psychology portion, but the book generally lacks a detailed explanation of the exam topics.

You only get one diagnostic test, unlike the three full-length practice tests from the other Princeton Review GRE Psychology Prep.

  • Good coverage of the basics
  • Simplified explanations
  • Intro to Psychology textbook complement
  • Strength on History of psychology
  • Complete with test tips
  • Lacks detailed explanations
  • Only one diagnostic test

5 - Test Yourself 1000+ ETS GRE Psychology Flashcards

ETS psychology gre prep book

If you quickly get bored with just reading your review material, however, you may opt to use this engaging product instead.

You get to make 1000+ useful quality flashcards with a large print format sourced from ETS (the GRE test author).

Our team has found some clients complaining of production defects for this review wherein the questions are not lined-up with the answers in these flashcards.

Also, unlike the Princeton Review book with its detailed topic explanations, this product needs to improve its lack of comprehensive discussion on its diagnostic test answers.

  • Engaging review strategy
  • Good quality flashcard
  • Large print format
  • Sourced from ETS questions
  • Over 1000+ questions
  • Not lined-up questions and answers
  • Needs more explanation

The GRE Psychology Test: A Quick Overview

students writing on a paper

As the great emancipator once said in the quote, the first step in doing any big task is practice. If you want to get good results in certain things, there are merits in practicing. And, this rings true even for the GRE, where preparation is everything.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax."


- Abraham Lincoln, American President

Before getting into the discussion of which GRE Psychology test Prep books are good options to consider, you first have to know what the test covers. You can learn more about it in our article about GRE Psychology study guide.

The following is a summary of the exam’s coverage and other relevant information you can expect when taking the test.

  • It has approximately 205 exam questions, with each having five choices from which you have to choose the best answer.
  • You have to finish answering within two hours and fifty minutes.
  • The latest version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the source for the classifications, diagnostic criteria, and terminologies used.
  • Core knowledge from undergraduate psychology subjects is the source of the exam questions.
  • Only the correct answers contribute to the total scaled score, with six sub-scores given covering biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental, social, and measurement/methodological/other.

And the #1 GRE Psychology Prep Book is...

Among the five review books above, we found the Princeton Review book to be the most helpful, making it the best GRE Psychology prep book. Our team read several feedbacks, and we interviewed GRE test-takers to compile the above information.

Although the other four are also reputable, Princeton Review had the edge of having more extensive topic coverage, more practice tests, and more comprehensive test explanations than the others. The implication is that you can practice more with this review book. Thus you get more spending value.

The Princeton Review

Our #1 Recommendation

Princeton Review GRE Psychology Prep, 9th Edition

  • Well-established review book
  • Proven study techniques and tips
  • Thorough coverage of test topics
  • Three full-length practice tests w/ explanations
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests for improvement
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of October
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