10+ GRE Practice Test You Should Consider for Your GRE 2018 -2019.

Practice with study leads you to score high in your GRE exam because more you practice, more you get. If you are college student then many of you experienced that more GRE practice tests you take, higher you score in your final GRE.

Based on the recent survey, it is clear that why most of the student fails to gain their dream score?

The most reason found is students don’t take their GRE preparation test seriously. So, if you are not well prepared, then how will you practice batter? How you find the practice materials and recourses for the GRE preparation?

There are many test preparation course out there in the market, which offers you both paid (Check Magoosh GRE Review) and free versions for the GRE test preparation. But too many options are not so cool, that’s why we have compiled the list of best comprehensive review for the GRE exam preparation.

Note:You can choose the courses as per your need and its better if you choose the courses that you need. So, rather than choosing too many courses go for the two or three courses which help you score higher in GRE. If you have enough time on hand then and then you should go for more course and practice guide!

If you want to know more about this GRE preparation courses then you can check out the particular course at their official website. So, check below for the GRE test preparation courses reviews for the 2018 – 2019.

GRE Practice Test You Should Consider for Your GRE

GRE Practice Test You Should Consider for Your GRE

If you are a student, or someone who can’t spare more time to prepare for GRE I have listed the best GRE practice test for you. 

Yeah, these preparation tests are not free but it is as good as the real GRE practice test.These testes preparation will help you to gauge the pattern and toughness of the GRE test.

Princeton Review GRE Practice Test

Princeton Review Test is the best preparation course and somewhat similar to the Manhattan Preparation course.

You can find good quality of the questions and you can score higher in the exam. These questions are easier than the other preparation tests like Manhattan and Kaplan. So, your scores tend to be higher than the normal score.

There is nothing to worry about anything if you have Princeton Review practice course.

Kaplan Practice Test

Kaplan practice test is close to Manhattan Preparation test counterpart. Moreover question quality is very good.

Note that, you may find Kaplan prep test toughest during your preparation period because you will find slightly toughest questions compared to the real GRE exam. So, your score tends to be lesser than the normal but don’t worry about it, after all, only hard problems make you better.

Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Test

The 3 hour and 30 minutes preparation test is best for you. The Manhattan practice test is great and popular for GRE test takers.

The Manhattan Preparation test is widely used as a diagnostic test because it has the best quality of questions. Even more at the end of the test, you will get an analysis of your performance. Very smooth and easy to understand user interface, even it is easier to take test easily.

Crunch Prep GRE Practice Test

The full-length test offered in this Crunch Prep test is much like the real GRE test. In fact, it mimics the actual GRE test.

The most reason why you should choose this preparation course is you will get enough practice questions in terms of quality and also you will get the very comprehensive review and your performance analysis at the end of the test.

You will also get very accurate score prediction and analysis. You will able to analyze data, performance and time management.

This analysis is very important for your GRE preparation and especially if you are preparing for the diagnostic test. Even more, you will get AWA responses on your test day for free.

This one is the test you should take with the Power preparation which I have listed below. This will help you to grow your GRE test score higher.

ETS Power Prep GRE Practice Test

ETS stands for the educational testing service. The most accurate power preparation GRE guide by ETS is the best practice test you can get for your GRE.

You will get practice test for both computer-based and paper-based test formats. Both formats can be easily downloaded.

This ETS course follows the pattern of real GRE practice test and also includes the questions that previously asked in the real GRE song. In fact, the user interface is same as the real GRE test.

ETS Power Prep GRE test assures you accuracy in terms of the score because it is sure that real GRE exam score won’t differ from the ETS power prep score.

If you stick to the ETS test preparation then things will be easy for you on test day, you don’t have to focus on small things like tutorial section and how to mark and skip questions. So, you will get comfort feeling while attending the GRE test.

Additional GRE Practice Test

If you have 2 to 3 months before your final GRE exam or have lots of free time then you should take the free additional resources available on the internet. But before you take this free additional test, it is better for you to complete the above 5 tests first and then you go for the additional practice test.

These tests are useful for practice and even you can measure your overall performance. But still, the level of difficulty is not more than the real GRE test.

McGraw-Hill GRE Practice Test

The McGraw hill provides the package of practice tests that includes the diagnostic test with 5 full-length practice test. The practice test is much like Princeton Review test but the scores can be considered as real. Plus you will get an explanation of each and every question on the test so; you can compare your answer after the test.

Peterson’s GRE Practice Test

You can access the test right here... Check now... GRE Practice Test

It is the best test preparation test company that will help GRE candidates to evaluate their preparation through a practice test.

The practice test includes 15 analytical questions and two dozen of quantitative and verbal reasoning questions.

Testden GRE Practice Test

It is 18 min practice test that you need to register with your name and email Id.

Above three tests are similar to each other and in comparison to these practices test the McGraw – Hill practice test is slightly better by considering all the criteria. offers the best preparation test that is designed to reassemble real GRE test. You can access the free mock test on registration.

Other Optional GRE Practice Tests

Normally, students who have their GRE exam within 2 to 3 months has allowed taking maximum 10 practice tests. The optional practice test for those students who book their slot 6 to12 months ahead. If you fall into this category then it is good for you to take more practice test while you have enough time to practice for the GRE test.

There are many free GRE practice test available on the internet but from that tests, we recommend you some of the best tests that are close to real GRE test. All another test you can consider for the time management and other test strategies so that you can score higher in the exam.

My GRE Tutor Practice Tests

With this GRE tutor test, you will get 4 free practice tests that represent the older version of the GRE.

Note that you will find some unnecessary questions like antonyms and synonyms in the test that you can skip and continue with the rest of the test.

GRE Guide Practice Test

This GRE guide offers the 20 free GRE practice test, however, the practice test is not much robust as other famous test preparation courses but taking 20 practice tests is good for and you will aware of the test format and time management. Your score will be inflatable, so you don’t have to take them seriously.

The Plan: When and how you will take the test?

There are so many practice tests available and among all of them, you will have to decide which test you should take first? How to interpret and analyze the result of each test. If you are going to take all the test first you have to mix all of them in order.

You may know everything about the each of the practice test but knowing something well isn't enough for the competitive GRE exam. Make the analysis that is used to check your strength and weakness.

After taking all the test you will able to understand, where you are good at, where you are lagging, where you are taking more time to get the answer, where you are not able to find the right answer after giving so much time.

So, that is how you can analyze and decide which preparation course you need first and when you have to focus more.

  • Gauge your performance by taking Manhattan Preparation test first

Prepare a study plan according to your preference, allocate more time for those topics that you are frequently going wrong or topics in which you are not good at.

  • Kaplan and Princeton Review Test 

Take these both tests at least 2 weeks before your test. Because at last you will know about in what topic you need to concentrate and these two tests offer you analysis so you just check and compare the test with Manhattan Preparation and check whether you have any improvement in your performance?

After analyzing, decide what you need to study more during next few exam days.

  • PowerPrep Tests: Before 1 week of your exam day take two PowerPrep test.

As I know the PowerPrep test is close to the real GRE and by taking the one test before 5-6 days before the exam and the second test is one day before the test day. This will help you to analyze your performance and also get your idea of how much you will score on your final GRE test.

  • Now, I strongly recommend you to take this five tests, depends on how much time you left for your final GRE exam.

You can also take other optional practice tests but as I said earlier you only take that test if you have enough time before your GRE test. Secondly, don’t take these optional test too seriously as it is only for your practice purpose.

Final Recommendations: GRE Practice Test

Now, after reading review hope you are able to schedule your study time and courses for your GRE exam preparation.

If you need any help or have any questions regarding the GRE preparation course then ask below in a comment or directly contact us.

We are always ready for listening to you. If you feel we missed any good preparation course then speak it to use below comment section, however, our experts did their best for finding the best GRE preparation courses. But if we missed any quality course then we are happy to review it and add it to our list.

All the best for the GRE and start preparing from now for your GRE exam!


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