The Economist GRE App Review (2024) Should You Try It?

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A course that’s been getting a lot of buzz recently is The Economist GRE Tutor Program. The Economist offers a decent prep course with plenty of features, one of them being the GRE app.

I’ve helped thousands of students get ready for the GRE during my tutoring career, and I’ve reviewed all GRE prep courses (including The Economist GRE review).

Today, I’ll talk specifically about what I liked and disliked about using The Economist app, so you can decide if it can help you with your GRE prep.

What is The Economist GRE Tutor Prep?

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The Economist GRE Tutor prep course is designed by the company behind The Economist Journal.

Recently, The Economist paired with examPal, another test prep company. examPal had their own GRE and GMAT courses, and after the partnership, they pooled their resources and came up with one GRE prep course under The Economist name.

The Economist GRE Tutor offers three packages for students to choose from: Express, Premium, and Genius plans.

Each plan gives access to a library of online lessons, hundreds of practice questions, and an ask-a-tutor option, where students can get support from tutors.

The Economist GRE prep course combines lessons with live help. Students can choose what they want to study each day and monitor their progress.

One of the features that make The Economist GRE prep stand out is their app. Here are its pros and cons.

The Economist GRE App Highlights:

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I used The Economist GRE app for a couple of months, and I liked several features.

1. Study Anytime, Anywhere

The Economist app gives students unlimited access to course materials, both at home and on the go.

The app works on any device — both Android and iOS. It’s easy to download and access, on a tablet, mobile, or laptop.

I was able to use it both online and offline. This makes it convenient to review on the go or study when you have a spare minute at work or between classes.

2. User-Friendly

The app is easy to use, even for non-tech-savvy people. It can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store or App Store and used right away.

The students who purchased the full Economist GRE package can log in and get access to the course.

3. In-App Messaging

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In-app messaging was one of my favorite features of The Economist app. Students can ask a tutor questions when using the app.

I found it to be very useful as additional support. Students can send the question straight away when they go through the modules or do the practice exams.

Not many other test prep courses have this option. This way, there’s no risk of forgetting the question or making the same mistake twice.

You can send your question as soon as you encounter some difficulty and get an answer from GRE experts. This also makes it easy to keep track of all communication with the tutors.

4. Great for Learning Vocabulary

The company says good vocabulary skills are crucial for success on the GRE test, and the app pays special attention to building vocabulary. I found this to be true.

The Economist GRE app has flashcards and practice questions which are a great resource for GRE vocab practicing.

There are over a thousand flashcards available on the app, and each day the app archives and removes the words you’ve previously seen.

I especially liked that if you struggle with certain words, you can save them to the “archive” and review them anytime.

The practice questions are given in the form of a passage, with the GRE word bolded. The definition isn’t visible straight away, but the students can guess the meaning before checking if they got it right.

The Economist GRE App Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Works offline
  • Excellent source of flashcards
  • Ask-a-tutor feature

My Rating Criteria

  • Ease of use 5/5
  • Sufficient materials available 4/5
  • User engagement 4/5


female student upset

I also found the app to have some shortfalls.

1. Not Suitable for All Learning styles

The app is a part of an online program, which means there aren’t any physical materials. Some students prefer books and find it difficult to stare at a screen for hours.

This isn’t a big issue for everyone but think about your learning style before choosing The Economist GRE program.

2. Limited Use and User Engagement

The app offers only a few video tutorials. You’ll need your computer to do the practice exams and get the baseline test score.

The app is mostly focused on flashcards and vocabulary for improving GRE scores, which becomes boring after a while.

The Economist GRE Tutor App Cons

  • Focused on learning vocabulary
  • Not suitable for all learning styles

Comparison to Other GRE Test Prep Courses

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Several other popular GRE prep companies also have GRE apps, such as Magoosh and Kaplan. On the other hand, another popular test prep company, Achievable, doesn’t have an app.

Both Magoosh and Kaplan apps are available on Android and iOS devices.

Magoosh app is full of options. Students can do test questions for math and verbal sections and also review text and video explanations. Magoosh app also lets students watch video lessons and track how many practice questions they did [1].

Their app has other resources as well, such as tricks and tips for the official test, and students can do practice tests on the app.

As for Kaplan’s app, its focus is on flashcards only. The app shows four options when studying vocabulary [2]:

  • Answered
  • Known
  • Unsure
  • Don’t know

These are great for tracking how well you know the words.

Where to Buy The Economist GRE App?

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The Economist GRE app can be downloaded for free on App Store and Google Play.

The Economist Tutor courses are available on the official website and are priced at:

  • Express $349
  • Premium $489
  • Genius $699

Premium and Genius packages come with a 6 and 7 score improvement guarantee. I checked if the money-back guarantee works and found you can get a full refund as long as you studied for at least ten weeks.

Other Users’ Testimonials

Will M. from Kentucky

"I used the Economist GRE Tutor when I was about to apply to a competitive Ph.D. program. I wanted a lot of practice exams and a high score improvement guarantee. The Economist GRE Tutor is top-notch - it is adaptive and I was able to focus on my trouble areas. And I did great!"

Julie D. from Texas

"The GRE Economist Tutor had helped me understand the GRE content and test-taking strategies, which boosted my confidence in taking the test. Thanks to it, I understand how to apply the problem solving and critical thinking skills I use every day."


What Is the Best App for GRE Vocabulary?

The best app for GRE vocabulary is Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards.

Is The Economist Good for GRE?

Yes, The Economist is good for GRE. It has expert GRE tutors and offers a comprehensive prep program.

Should You Try The Economist GRE Prep App?

The Economist Tutor offers a decent but somewhat basic app for GRE prep. There are no one-to-one sessions, and you also won’t get help with the analytical writing part.

My  #1 choice is the Magoosh GRE prep. Magoosh GRE tutoring app gives access to complete course content, and it’s the most comprehensive GRE app on the market.

Magoosh app is extremely easy to use, and it offers student engagement. Students have access to the full learning plan via the app.

Everything is included: from practice questions and video lessons provided by a GRE expert to tips and tricks on how to get a high GRE score and get into the graduate schools of your dreams.

Check out Magoosh GRE courses, and get ready for GRE test day.


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