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Whether you decide to take the GRE general test or subject test, the first step toward getting into the graduate school of your dreams is GRE registration.

To help you with this process, I checked what other students are saying about GRE registration and the information available on the official website.

Here’s the complete step-by-step guide on the GRE registration process.

GRE Registration Checklist

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Before you register for the GRE, you should take a look at the following checklist of useful information about the registration process.

  • Check Educational Testing Service fees [1]: China $231.30, India $213.00, Rest of the World $205.00
  • Get familiar with the cancellation and reschedule policies — The test must be rescheduled at least four days before the GRE test date, or you forfeit the fee [2].
  • ID requirements — You have to bring a valid ID with you on the test day.
  • Create an ETS Account.
  • Check the school’s admission deadline, and schedule the GRE test in advance so that the school receives official scores in time.
  • Choose which schools you want to send score reports to.
  • You get four free score reports. If you want to send the GRE scores to more than four schools, don’t forget to check the fee for additional score reports.

How to Create an ETS Account?

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If you want to register for the GRE from home, you’ll need an Educational Testing Service account. You should create an account to apply for the GRE subject test and GRE general test. You can use this account to view, change, and cancel your testing appointment.

Here’s how to create an account:

  1. Go to the official ETS website
  2. Select the ETS Account button in the top right corner
  3. Select the “Create an account” button under new users
  4. Fill in your personal information — The name you enter must match the name on your ID card. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to take the test, or your scores won’t be valid
  5. Fill in your name without including accents
  6. Complete date of birth, address, and phone number
  7. On the next page, create a password and username
  8. Select a security question and enter your answer
  9. Agree to the terms and conditions
  10. On the next page, review your information for accuracy
    1. If you need to change some information, select the back button
    2. If information is in order, select submit
  11. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Click on it to activate your account

Now that your account is set, it’s time to register online.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Register for GRE Online

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Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how test-takers can register for the GRE online:

  1. Go to the ETS account button on the official ETS website.
  2. Enter username and password in the returning user fields.
  3. Go to the “register, find test center, test dates” button.
  4. Select the test you want to take — General or subject tests.
  5. Go to the “find testing center”. Start typing the testing center location you want, and choose one of the prepopulated options.
  6. Choose the exam date — You can change months by using the blue arrow.
  7. Click on the “Find available test centers and dates” button.
  8. You can choose test dates by clicking the button: By date, By distance
  9. Click on any date highlighted in green that works for you.
  10. You’ll see the times available for the testing centers you’ve chosen. Choose the time that works for you by clicking on the register to the right of the time.
  11. Next, you’ll be shown a yellow-colored box at the top of the page. Review if the date and time you’ve chosen to take the GRE are right. You can change information by clicking on “edit test information.”
  12. Agree to the policy at the bottom and select next.
  13. Review your personal information and if it’s in order, select next.
  14. Decide if you want to participate in the GRE Search Service, where prospective recruiters can find and contact you by clicking yes/no.
  15. Complete background information section — Questions about which graduate schools you’re interested in.
  16. Next, you’ll see a page with GRE prep materials. Choose if you want to add any to the cart.
  17. Review your cart and proceed to checkout.
  18. Next is the payment page. Select credit or debit card. Enter the payment information and click on the Buy button.

“When registering, be very careful that you give a valid email ID and a valid phone number you have access to because you might receive notifications to those particular accounts.” -Vineeth, Career Prospective YouTube channel

That’s how you register online for standardized GRE tests.

Note: If you have any special health-related needs or need testing accommodation, this must be approved before you schedule the GRE exam date.

How to Register for GRE by Phone?

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Another way to register for taking the GRE exam is by phone.

Make sure to make the phone call at least two days before you want to take the test.

Call your local test center, and give them your personal information. You’ll get:

  • Confirmation number
  • Reporting time
  • Testing location

Signing Up For the GRE

I’ve covered everything you should know about signing up for a paper-based and computer-based GRE test.

To take the GRE exam, start with creating an account on the official ETS website and carefully fill in all necessary information.

Make sure to choose the date that works for you carefully. Finally, pay for your GRE test, and you’re all set.

Keep in mind that, unlike GRE general tests, GRE subject tests are offered three times a year at paper delivered centers worldwide, so plan accordingly.

Remember to go over the checklist and follow the information I’ve mentioned here so you don’t forget anything important when registering for GRE.


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  2. https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/register/reschedule/

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