How to Prepare for the GRE Exam? (3 Things You Must Know)

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Last Updated On: December 8, 2021

GRE doesn't test your just verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analystical writing skills. It also tests your endurance and how you can handle the pressure during preparation. The key here is to plan ahead and focus on your goal to ace the GRE, not just pass it.

My team of academic experts and I did our strategic research and compared our notes to come up with a list of the things you need to know before you take the GRE. These will help you manage your time, get the right materials, and acquire the confidence you need come exam day.

Verbal Reasoning:

Some of the reading comprehension is so long over 6/7 paragraphs and it's important for you to stay focused on the content while reading these passages.

Never assume anything in RCs, they aren't asking for your opinion no matter how logical your opinion is, don't apply it there. Everything you need will be found in the paragraph.

Now, next part is filling the blanks with appropriate words. Now, this is tricky and if you have mugged up few word's and you don't know how to put them into the context then trust me, you have wasted your time!

When you are trying to improve your vocabulary, practice that word and make some practice sentences, like how to use this word, make 5/6 sentences about the same word and it will improve your vocabulary, you don't need to mug up the words! Because you will see similar options in the questions!

To improve your vocabulary refer to the best GRE books, Magoosh's flashcards, or the Essential Words for the GRE.

Quantitative Reasoning:

Let's talk about the Quantitative Reasoning, Shall we?

At first glance, you may think that Quantitative Reasoning is a piece of cake but hey there are some chances that you might make some silly mistakes in this. So, stay focused!

And if you were good in high school maths then it's okay and if you have forgotten then at least revise maths once because this is the part where you have chances to score highest!

Most of the students have realized that these 20 Quant questions are easy but the thing is you won't ever realized that you have made a silly mistake. You have 35 minutes to crack those 20 questions and 1 question mostly takes 1 minute to answer and later on save those 15 minutes to resolve those answers again!

If you don't know the answer then leave it, don't be obsessed with it or else you will lose focus and lose marks too!

And I recommend you to use ETS's Official quantitative reasoning Book to prepare for QR.

Analytical Writing GRE:

In the GRE AWA section all you have to do is analyses the issue and you can take a stand and support with example!

But before doing all these stuff make sure you have your own strategy to write this essay!

Make something like this:

  • Introduction
  • Description
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

Contradiction & justification, conclusion!

Contradiction is where you look the issue from the opposite point of view, and then you justify your point of view.

Don't make it messy and make sure there aren't any grammatical or spelling mistake in the essay. As long as you follow our GRE analytical writing issue template, you don't have anything to worry about.

If you don't want to prepare for GRE all by yourself, and you don't want to go to the classes then you can always go for the Magoosh GRE, so be sure to check out our Magoosh GRE Review.

Final Words

So, cracking GRE is just a piece of cake, all you need is rich vocabulary and high school maths, that's it! 😉

If you have any question then feel free to ask!

Best luck!

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